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  • The recent boom in the popularity of vinyl shows that it isn’t going anywhere. People love collecting physical records, listening to their analog sound, and making new music discoveries with friends.
  • The company VNYL is giving the classic record player a modern, social-first twist with its Sonos-, Bluetooth-, and Spotify-compatible player, TRNTBL ($429).
  • It keeps track of all the records you play, even the most obscure ones, and makes a Spotify playlist for you based on your listening history. You can then share the playlist with friends, or use it to find new and related artists.
  • After trying it out in my apartment, I thought it made my favorite experience of listening to and sharing music with my friends all the more enjoyable.

Listening to music is a special, visceral experience, and no trend better emphasizes the value of this experience than the resurgence of interest in vinyl and turntables. All day, every day, our eyes are glued to screens large and small – so it’s no wonder that now more than ever, people value the physical feel of placing a vinyl on a turntable, closing their eyes, and letting the music surround them.

Now, a company is combining the best of old and new with a turntable made for the modern generation’s predilection for sleek designs, wireless gadgets, and shared social interactions.

Spinning off of vinyl subscription service VNYL is TRNTBL, a wireless record player that’s Sonos-, Bluetooth-, and Spotify-compatible.

VNYL founder and CEO Nick Alt calls it the "retro future," which is probably the best possible descriptor for this nostalgic device loved by music aficionados and tech enthusiasts alike. trntbl white

Foto: sourceTRNTBL

The turntable is minimalist, available in creme or black, and features a translucent platter with gold knobs and tonearm. It can play 33 1/3- and 45-rpm records, though it doesn't come with a 45-rpm adapter.

While it calls itself "wireless," technically this term solely refers to the fact that you don't need to mess with analog cables or outputs in order to connect to a speaker. You do still need to plug a cord into the wall to power your turntable.

Getting started requires a one-time setup process through its app in order to establish a connection between your turntable and your Sonos speakers. You can also choose to connect it to any Bluetooth speakers. After this set-up, you only need to place the needle on the vinyl in order to start enjoying your music.

As you play your favorite records, you can easily share them with friends. TRNTBL is the first record player on the market that connects with Spotify, identifies each song you're listening to, and automatically generates a playlist for you based on your analog listening history. I'm always adding to my collection of collaborative playlists on Spotify that allow my friends and I to show each other all the music we're currently excited about. New discoveries are a fun part of listening to music and TRNTBL streamlines the discovery process so that you can simply click "Follow" on a friend's great taste in vinyl.

trntbl black and white

Foto: sourceTRNTBL

Questions of whether vinyl really does sound better continue to swirl around in the same way film fans debate the merits of 35mm over digital, but it's generally agreed upon that vinyl sound more "warm" and have a stronger depth of sound. By playing vinyl through high-quality speaker systems like Sonos that can fill an entire house, you can listen to great sound, just even more enhanced. TRNTBL is designed with a unique audio amplification solution to make this enhancement possible.

Alt says that the biggest frictions for people looking to get into vinyl are that the space is intimidating and you typically have to buy many extra accessories in order to create your perfect set-up. But if you follow the "better, not more" mentality, this might be a solid investment for you. Though the sleek all-in-one TRNTBL costs $429, it takes the best of listening to vinyl - analog sound, tangible and collectible music, and new discoveries - and makes it even more enjoyable through its Sonos compatibility and social integration with Spotify.

Listening to music with the TRNTBL is an innovative experience that you won't be able to get with any other turntable.

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