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  • Martin Gaspar is a crypto analyst at CrossTower, which serves clients representing $25 billion.
  • He shares three crypto trades designed to generate 30% to 80% returns based on investor appetite.
  • Gaspar also breaks down two metrics that are giving him confidence about a bitcoin comeback.

There are no Ben Grahams or Warren Buffetts in crypto, but that hasn’t stopped Martin Gaspar from conducting fundamental analysis of digital assets.

Gaspar, who encountered bitcoin on Reddit forums in 2012, has analyzed and evaluated cryptocurrencies since college. After writing his thesis on bitcoin as an asset class, he started a job as a fixed income research analyst at Wells Fargo Securities.

During the day, he researched bond issuers. At night, he scoured through Twitter and online forums for any new information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This year, his passion for crypto led to a dream job as a research analyst at capital markets firm CrossTower, which serves 55 institutional clients that represent over $25 billion in assets.

Premium content ophalen