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  • Steve Chen wasn’t happy when he saw all the deductions on his first paycheck.
  • He began looking for alternate ways to add to his income and was eventually able to quit his job.
  • He breaks down the exact ‘set it and forget it’ trading strategy he uses to supplement his income.

Steve Chen began his career as a math teacher for middle school students in 2014. Even though he had a decent monthly salary of about $5,000 a month before benefits according to the public employee-pay database Transparent California, taxes and living in an expensive city like Los Angeles were cutting into his pay.

As a result, he began thinking of ways he could increase his income, including through investing.

He said he spent a lot of time reading and watching YouTube explainers about trading since he didn’t know much about the stock market. And after reviewing numerous blog posts, he noticed a common theme: people who shared their experiences around buying short-term options were losing money.

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