Your next Tinder match could be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

On Wednesday the popular dating app re-introduced “Swipe The Vote,” a feature that lets users swipe on issues like taxes, immigration, and gun control to see which presidential candidate they agree with the most.

The feature was first introduced in March, but Tinder is making it available again from October 25 to November 1 ahead of general election day in the U.S. on November 8.

Tinder CEO Sean Rad told Business Insider that the feature started as a side project within the company, after people started using the app to advocate early in the campaign process for candidates like Bernie Sanders. Then Tinder approached the non-profit Rock the Vote to help put together the polls and prompt people to register to vote in the app.

Rad said Tinder saw a need to “cut through the noise” around the election and help the app’s millennial user base understand where they fall on key policy issues.

“We look at Tinder as a broader platform to do good in the world and not necessarily just a business,” he said.

Tinder users in the U.S. will see Swipe The Vote when they open the app until November 1.

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Foto: source Tinder