• Since its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has lost "thousands" of lieutenants and captains, a US official told Reuters.
  • Russia and Ukraine are both experiencing hundreds of losses per day, the unnamed official said.
  • The official also added that more than 100 "high-value" Russian targets in Ukraine had also been destroyed. 

The Russian military has lost "thousands" of lieutenants and captains and "many" generals during their invasion of Ukraine, a senior US defense official told Reuters. 

"The chain of command is still struggling," the anonymous official told Reuters.

The official said Russian troops are suffering "hundreds" of casualties per day. 

CIA Director William Burns estimated that Russian casualties have reached around 15,000 killed and 45,000 wounded, according to the report. 

In June, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the BBC between 100-200 Ukrainian troops were being killed each day. 

The US official also told Reuters more than 100 "high-value" Russian targets in Ukraine have also been destroyed since the invasion in February. 

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