• A co-worker of the gunman told The New York Times he was nicknamed "school shooter" prior to the attack.
  • Multiple people who knew the 18-year-old shooter described him as "aggressive" and "intimidating."
  • He would go on to kill 21 people during a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

A former co-worker of the Uvalde gunman who attacked Robb Elementary School told The New York Times they and other workers at the local Wendy's had nicknamed him "school shooter" prior to the incident that killed 21 people. 

The New York Times reported the gunman's co-worker said he would frequently snap at colleagues and customers. His long hair and dark clothing, combined with his hostile behavior, led them to call him names.

He would go on to open fire on an elementary school classroom, killing 19 students and two teachers. 

Multiple people told The New York Times the gunman was "aggressive" and "intimidating," including former classmates and people the 18-year-old had spoken to online. He frequently discussed and threatened violence, posting pictures of guns online and sending harassing messages to girls on Instagram. 

"He'd reply to my stories with things like 'i wanna kill u' or like 'i hate you,'" Kendra Charmaine, a 17-year-old in California who interacted with the shooter online, told The New York Times.

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