We’re in the home stretch of the contentious presidential election, and things aren’t getting any prettier.

But while the race between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump still looks very close, the tech industry appears to have made up its mind: They’re with her. As this chart from Statista shows, the disparity in campaign contributions to Clinton and Trump from major tech companies is as stark as it gets.

The data comes from the Federal Election Commission (via the Center for Responsive Politics). While it only counts donations to each candidate’s campaign committees (from individuals at the companies or from company-sponsored PACs), it gets the point across: The likes of Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and others have all made notable contributions to Clinton.

Trump has PayPal co-founder and Silicon Valley contrarian Peter Thiel, and that’s about it, at least publicly. But Thiel’s $1.25 million donation doesn’t show up in this chart.

The disparity isn’t surprising: Trump’s campaign rhetoric and exclusionary immigration policies were enough to lead more than 140 tech leaders to sign an open letter condemning the former reality TV show star this past July.