A new poll shows that 69% of respondents disagree with the Prime Minister’s “Hard Brexit” policy of leaving the European Union customs union.

The poll, carried out by polling organisation Survation and published in The Mail On Sunday, found that core parts of the Prime Minister’s Brexit strategy are unpopular amongst the public.

Staying in the customs union would let companies in the UK continue to trade freely in the EU. And the majority of respondents to Survation’s survey support remaining inside the union – meaning they don’t support the Prime Minister’s “hard brexit” strategy.

Survation’s poll also asked whether respondents think there should be a second Brexit referendum. 53% of people said that there should be a second vote on Brexit. That’s up from March, when most respondents to a YouGov survey said that they did not support a second referendum.

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And the poll also suggested that the British public didn’t support the Prime Minister’s policy of taking no deal from the EU rather than a bad deal. Only 35% of respondents agreed with the Prime Minister’s strategy.