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  • Michael Gayed has a bearish view on the stock market and says it’s up for a correction.
  • He uses intermarket indicators to pinpoint which way the stock market might be heading.
  • He suggested investors diversify by adding Treasuries, gold, and even cash to cushion a correction.

The stock market had its longest bull run in history prior to the Covid-19 crisis. Over the past 12 months of recovery, the S&P 500 has leapt 32%, and frequently makes new highs.

But Michael A. Gayed, an award-winning investment manager at Toroso Asset Management, says it’s the wrong kind of growth.

Gayed is the publisher of The Lead-Lag Report, a premium research service focused on the idea that if you want to kill it in the stock market, you have to proactively avoid getting killed. He works through the lens of intermarket analysis, which is the idea that the relative movements of different parts of the marketplace tell you something about the changes that may occur. He applies these concepts through three mutual funds that he manages.

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