• 'Several' homeless people were shot in the city of Langley, British Columbia, the CBC reported. 
  • One person has died in what appears to be a targeted string of shootings, the report said. 
  • A suspect is in custody, police said. 

"Several" homeless people were the victims of what appeared to be a targeted shooting in a Canadian city just outside of Vancouver, police told the CBC.

Residents of Langley, British Columbia, received an emergency alert in the early morning hours of July 25 after police responded to reports of "several victims and several different scenes," according to a press release from Langley's Royal Canadian Mounted Police. By 7:20 a.m., police said a suspect was in custody. 

Police have not said how many people were shot, though officials told CBC that at least one person has died.

"Out of an abundance of caution, an Emergency Alert was issued until investigators can confirm that the suspect was acting alone," Langley's Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in the press release.


A spokesperson for the city denied Insider's request for comment, saying the investigation is "ongoing." 

The downtown area of Langley remains closed to the public, according to Langley police.

Police established multiple crime scenes in the city just blocks away from each other, the CBC reported. One crime scene was at a mall, another was at a casino, and a third was near a thrift shop and bus loop the CBS reported.

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