• Insider is compiling its inaugural list of leaders in sports media.
  • Nominees can include journalists, broadcasters, or key executives at sports-media outlets.
  • We want to know who you think is shaping the sports media landscape. Submit nominees here by July 8.

As the sports media scene continues to evolve, so do the faces that shape its landscape.

Traditional TV platforms still control live sports viewership, but fans consume content through multiple mediums like podcasts, documentaries, and Twitter spaces. This has opened door for more kinds of leaders in sports media, from broadcast journalists to social-media moguls. 

Athletes are also taking more active roles in sports media by founding their own media companies or joining the media ranks themselves. It's not just former players — even those in the prime of their careers like Naomi Osaka and Tom Brady are starting independent media ventures or getting in front of the camera for major media outlets. 

There are also the executives leading prominent sports-media businesses. The shift to digital created the opportunity for new publications like The Athletic and Just Women's Sports to rise, while the established players including ESPN and Sports Illustrated were tested on their willingness to adapt. 

Insider is compiling its inaugural list of top sports-media figures.

We are looking for nominations for leaders who have made significant strides in growing and innovating in sports media in the last year.

Please submit your nominations here by July 8, or enter the information below:


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