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  • Workers at Jeffrey Epstein's home were told how to speak, according to a  household manual.
  • The manual was recently submitted as evidence in the ongoing trial of Epstein's longtime girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell.
  • Workers in the house were forbidden from saying words and phrases like "yeah" and "no problem."

Smile at all times, no direct eye contact, never say "yeah." Workers at Jeffrey Epstein's Florida home were informed on how to respond and act around Epstein and longtime girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell with a household manual.

The manual, which includes directions like "do not address Mr Epstein, Ms Maxwell and their guests with your hands in your pockets," was handed out to all staff members of Epstein's Palm Beach, Florida, home.

The manual was recently submitted as evidence in the ongoing trial of Maxwell. Federal prosecutors accused Maxwell of sex-trafficking girls with Epstein, sexually abusing them herself, and lying about her actions in a deposition. Her trial started on Monday. Maxwell has pleaded not guilty. Epstein, who was arrested in 2019 on charges of trafficking dozens of girls, killed himself in jail while awaiting trial.

Epstein's longtime housekeeper, Juan Alessi, interpreted the strict household guidelines as "a kind of warning that I was supposed to be blind, deaf, and dumb," according to his testimony at Maxwell's trial on Thursday, Insider reported.

"Remember that you see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, except to answer any question directed toward you," Alessi read from the manual during his testimony.

Banned words and phrases in the 58-page manual that workers in the house were forbidden from using include:

  • "Yeah"
  • "Sure"
  • "No problem"
  • "You bet"
  • "Gotcha"
  • "Right"
  • "I dunno"

Instead, workers were encouraged to say things like "my pleasure," "I would be very pleased to," and "You are quite right."

"What you say is as important as what you do," the manual reads. "Your language must include good diction and exclude swear words and slang. Pay attention to how you speak to Mr Epstein, Ms Maxwell and their guests."

Other directions in the manual include what to say when entering a room, how to respond to a compliment or criticism, and how to answer the telephone. Workers were not allowed to eat or drink in front of Epstein and Maxwell and were reminded to smile at all times, and avoid direct eye contact, according to the manual. 

Maxwell's attorneys and family members have argued that her decades-long relationship with Epstein has been overstated. The indictment against Maxwell alleges she and Epstein ran the child sex-trafficking operation together. Maxwell's trial is expected to last up to six weeks.


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