While some love tamer Halloween attractions like visiting pumpkin patches and apple orchards, thrill-seekers tend to just want a good scare out of the holiday.

If nothing gets you more excited than heart-pounding, gut-wrenching fear, you need to visit these haunted houses this fall.

Keep scrolling to see the scariest haunted house attraction in every state.

Are you brave enough to make it through them?

ALABAMA: Arx Mortis in Killen

Foto: The outside of Arx Mortis haunted house.sourceFacebook / Arx Mortis at Ghosthill (Haunted Attraction in Killen, Alabama)

Arx Mortis, Latin for "The Castle of Death," is the largest haunted attraction in Alabama at 50,000 square feet. Between its nightmare-scapes, animatronics, and professional actors, visitors are sure to get quite a scare.

The spooky attraction boasts 23 "Early-out Exit" doors throughout the attraction, and are "proud to say there are plenty of people who use them every year!"

ALASKA: Gateway to Darkness in Wasilla

Foto: A character from Gateway to Darkness.sourceFacebook / Gateway To Darkness Haunted Attraction

Complete with strobe lights, fog, and dark conditions meant to disorient, Gateway to Darkness claims to have visitors "shivering with fear."

ARIZONA: Fear Farm in Phoenix

Foto: An aerial of Fear Farm.sourceFacebook / Fear Farm

Fear Farm has six terrifying attractions, including Undead, a cemetery crawling with those who have been awakened from their graves, and Slaughterhouse, where humans are herded to be eaten by a demonic madman.

ARKANSAS: Nightterrors 13 Haunted House in Little Rock

Foto: Nightterrors 13 Haunted House.sourceFacebook / Nightterrors Haunted House

Nightterrors 13 takes visitors through a funeral home where a demented owner murders in order to bring more business to his parlor. Visitors are taken from the parlor's reception room through a series of locations, including an embalming room, morgue, and finally, hell.

CALIFORNIA: Fear Overload Scream Park in San Leandro

Foto: Fear overload Scream Park.sourceFear Overload

Fear Overload Scream Park was named the best Haunted House in the West, and one of the scariest haunted houses in the US, and for good reason. The park contains two haunted houses filled with monsters and demons "from the darkest depths of your fears" that are sure to terrify.

COLORADO: The 13th Floor in Denver

Foto: A group of girls react to a live actor character at 13th Floor.sourceREUTERS/Rick Wilking

The 13th Floor was not only named the scariest haunted house in Colorado by MTV, but one of the scariest haunted houses in the US. Although there are several locations, the one in Denver just might be the most intricate of them all, with three terrifying attractions: Darkest Dreams, Slaughter, and Undead.

As a bonus, every 113th person to make it through gets their money back.

CONNECTICUT: The Dark Manor Haunted House in Baltic

Foto: The Dark Manor Haunted House.sourceFacebook / The Dark Manor Haunted House

The Dark Manor was voted the #1 scariest haunted house in Connecticut. Vistors get to navigate through three terrifying attractions: The Manor, The Graveyard, and The Catacombs.

DELAWARE: Frightland in Middletown

Foto: A scene from Frightland.sourceFacebook / Frightland

Frightland offers eight unique haunted attractions including a mile-long hayride, a haunted barn, Idalia Manor, Ravenwood Cemetery, Zombie Ghost Town, The Attic, and Fear. Named one of the top 10 scariest haunted houses in the country, it guarantees terror.

FLORIDA: The Shallow Grave in Winter Haven

Foto: Cast members from The Shallow Grave.sourceFacebook / The Shallow Grave

The Shallow Grave involves two haunted houses: Betrayal and Pavor Nocturnus. They were ranked 32nd scariest in the US by Hauntworld.

One guest reviewed the haunted house on Facebook saying, "You will pee yourself while going through the haunted houses and won't have a voice the next day. Super scary."

GEORGIA: Netherworld Haunted House in Norcross

Foto: Netherworld Haunted House.sourceFacebook / Netherworld Haunted House

The attractions at Netherworld include "Primal Scream," where savage beasts infect living humans with rabid form-altering mutagens, and "Mr. Grendel's 3D Funhouse of Horrors!," a scary funhouse filled with creepy clowns, monsters, and aliens.

It was voted the scariest haunted house in the US for 2017 by Hauntworld.

HAWAII: Haunted Plantation in Waipahu

Foto: A room at the plantation.sourceFacebook / Haunted Plantation

Located on a real haunted plantation that was featured on the television show "Ghost Hunters," the Haunted Plantation gets even scarier during Halloween when over 60 actors take over the buildings to scare visitors with authentic island legends like Aswang, the Filipino vampire, and Mujina, the faceless lady.

IDAHO: The Haunted World in Caldwell

Foto: The Haunted World.sourceFacebook / The Haunted World Idaho

At The Haunted World visitors can make their way through a 35-acre outdoor haunt, a spooky hostel asylum, and a corn maze with 15 acres of paths.

The attraction warns guest to "bring your own diapers!"

ILLINOIS: Statesville Haunted Prison in Crest Hill

Foto: Statesville Haunted Prison.sourceFacebook / Statesville Haunted Prison

Statesville Haunted Prison contains 23 maximum security cells where visitors come eye to eye with over 100 criminals. Once visitors make it out of the prison, they'll find themselves in caves containing the graves of Statesville's past inmates, and, of course, zombies.

INDIANA: Indy Scream Park in Anderson

Foto: Actors pose at Indy Scream Park.sourceFacebook / Indy Scream Park - Indiana's Premier Halloween Event

Deemed the "biggest and baddest of all haunted attractions in the state," by Indy Star, Indy Screampark is sure to have visitors screaming thanks to zombies, monsters, and lunatics.

IOWA: Thrashers House of Terror in Mt Pleasant

Foto: A creepy clown from Thrashers House of Terror.sourceFacebook / Thrashers House of Terror

Thrashers House of Terror is a volunteer-run haunted house that fund raises for the Midwest Old Threshers Organization. Rated "Very Scary" by Iowa Haunted Houses, guests can expect a plethora of creepy clowns and other unsightly creatures at every turn.

KANSAS: 3rd Street Asylum in Bonner Springs

Foto: The cast from 3rd Street Asylum.sourceFacebook / 3rd Street Asylum

As its name suggests, 3rd Street Asylum was once an asylum, and originally constructed in 1918. Soon the asylum was housing some of the most dangerous and violent patients in the entire Midwest.

Cited for inhumane living conditions and treatment methods, the 3rd Street Asylum permanently closed in 1983, however, the building comes to life again every Halloween as a haunted house to terrorize visitors.

KENTUCKY: Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville

Foto: Waverly Hills Sanatorium is said to be haunted all on it's own.sourceAaron Vowels/Flickr

Waverly Hills Sanatorium is known for being one of the most haunted places in the world - and that's before it's crawling with terrifying actors paid to scare you. An active hospital in the early 1900s, it now houses ghost tours and haunted houses.

LOUISIANA: The 13th Gate in Baton Rouge

Foto: The 13th GatesourceCourtesy of Haunt World

The 13th Gate is one of the most acclaimed haunted houses in the US. Its attractions include a snake-infested Louisiana swamp, nightly voodoo shows, claustrophobic cellars, hidden subterranean passages, and a prehistoric ice cave. If that's not enough, there is also a cemetery filled with 400 zombie-infested crypts.

MAINE: Destination Haunt in Lebanon

Foto: Destination Haunt.sourceFacebook / Destination Haunt

Destination Haunt was voted the best haunted attraction in Maine. If you find clowns scary, you should probably avoid the Clownhouse...

MARYLAND: Bennett's Curse in Baltimore

Foto: A "ghost" at Bennett's Curse.sourceFacebook / Bennett's Curse Haunted House Maryland

Bennett's Curse is updated every year to keep visitors on their toes as they go through haunts including Medieval Underworld, Inferno 3D, and Sanctuary of Insanity.

MASSACHUSETTS: Nightmare New England in Litchfield

Foto: Actors from Nightmare New England.sourceFacebook / Nightmare New England

Nightmare New England is home to five haunted attractions. In one of them, the monsters are even allowed to touch you!

MICHIGAN: Erebus in Pontiac

Foto: Erebus.sourceCourtesy of Erebus

This four-story, half-mile-long haunted house holds the record for being one of the world's largest haunted attractions. Characters will bite, grab, and even attempt to bury visitors alive all in the name of frightening fun.

MINNESOTA: Scream Town in Chaska

Foto: Scream Town.sourceFacebook / SCREAMTOWN

Scream Town has eight attractions that offer visitors 400,000 square feet of fear.

For an even more terrifying experience, Scream Town hosts a special "lights out" evening with no lights at all. It's so frightening, visitors must sign a waiver to attend.

MISSISSIPPI: Haunted Hill in Tupelo

Foto: Haunted Hill is "chock-full" of the unexpected.sourceFacebook / Haunted Hill

Visitors will wander through long dark hallways, coffin rooms, vampire rooms, a hall of ghouls, an underground dungeon, old dilapidated buildings, and more at Haunted Hill, which says it's "just what you would expect a haunted house to be... old, rickety, [...] creepy, and chock-full of the unexpected."

MISSOURI: The Darkness in St. Louis

Foto: A hallway at The Darkness haunted house.sourceFacebook / Scarefest.com

The Darkness features several attractions in one location, from Zombie Laser Tag to the Monster Museum, and holds the record for the most animated special effects in the entire industry.

MONTANA: The Moss Mansion in Billings

Foto: The Moss Mansion.sourceFacebook / Moss Mansion

During Halloween, this 100-year-old mansion transforms into a creepy haunted house where guests walk through a narrow, winding trail of sights and sounds featuring "optical illusions, creepy creatures, and other unnatural beings."

H.H. Holmes, a long-deceased serial killer, still lurks in the mansion too, along with his victims.

NEBRASKA: Scary Acres in Omaha

Foto: The Masters' Castle at Scary Acres.sourceCourtesy of Scary Acres

At Scary Acres, visitors can maneuver through the Master's Castle, the Haunted Woods, the House on the Hill, and 20 acres of ghouls.

NEVADA: Freakling Bros: The Trilogy of Terror in Las Vegas

Foto: The Trilogy of Terror.sourceFacebook / Freakling Bros. Horror Shows

As its name suggests, Trilogy of Terror includes three terrifying haunted houses. One of the houses, Gates of Hell, is the first rated-R scare experience in Nevada, and makes visitors face the reality of their own violent death.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Fright Kingdom in Nashua

Foto: Fright Kingdom.sourceFacebook / Fright Kingdom

Fright Kingdom is New England's largest indoor horror attraction featuring five huge haunted attractions of terrifying entertainment.

NEW JERSEY: Haunted Scarehouse in Wharton

Foto: A creepy clown from Haunted Scarehouse.sourceFacebook / The Haunted Scarehouse

Haunted Scarehouse has four mysterious and haunted escape rooms that will make visitors feel like they're on the set of a horror film.

NEW MEXICO: Slaughter House in Rio Rancho

Foto: A scene from Slaughterhouse haunted house.sourceFacebook / NM Slaughter House Haunted Attraction

At Slaughterhouse, visitors will be taken through the home of a demented sadomasochistic couple, and will meet the children trying to survive there. Some of them are so hungry they may try to feed off visitors.

The house boasts being so scary that 67% of visitors will forfeit and leave early.

NEW YORK: The Blackout Experience in New York City

Foto: The Blackout Experience.sourceFacebook / The Blackout Experience

No one under the age of 18 is allowed to enter this terrifying haunted house, and with good reason. This is not so much of a house as it is a production.

The most unsettling part of Blackout might not even be confronting an actor, but when visitors are left alone in utter darkness waiting for the next terrifying thing to happen.

NORTH CAROLINA: Spookywoods in Archdale

Foto: Scared visitors at Spookywoods.sourceFacebook / Kersey Valley Spookywoods

Spookywoods immerses visitors in a haunted forest filled with characters from a terrifying traveling circus.

NORTH DAKOTA: Acres of Terror in Leonard

Foto: A character at Acres of Terror.sourceFacebook / Acres of Terror

This haunted cornfield and schoolhouse is the self-proclaimed scariest haunted house in the Midwest. Characters at Acres of Terror lurk at every corner, just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting visitors.

OHIO: The Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati

Foto: Visitors let out a scream at The Dent School.sourceFacebook / The Dent Schoolhouse

At The Dent School, visitors make their way through an old schoolhouse that is haunted by a former janitor who killed a large number of the student body, hiding their bodies in the basement. Brave both his ghost and that of the many children...

OKLAHOMA: The Hex House in Tulsa

Foto: Actors at The Hex House.sourceFacebook / Tulsa Hex House

The Hex House claims its goal isn't to entertain, but "to completely remove you from your comfort zone and make sure you know what sheer terror feels like." Yikes.

OREGON: Fright Town in Portland

Foto: Actors from Fright Town.sourceFacebook / FrightTown

Fright Town was ranked the #47 scariest haunted house to visit in 2017 by Hauntworld, and is Portland's longest-running Halloween attraction. With three huge haunted houses, guests will come face to face with extraterrestrial beings, evil clowns, mutant sea monkeys, and more.

PENNSYLVANIA: Terror Behind the Walls in Philadelphia

Foto: Terror Behind the Walls is located inside Eastern State Penitentiary.sourceFacebook / Terror Behind the Walls

Eastern State Penitentiary, which once held Al Capone, is said to be haunted year-round (shadowy figures, laughter, and footsteps have all been reported as paranormal activity), but it gets an even more ghastly makeover during Halloween.

Located inside the abandoned prison, Terror Behind the Walls lets visitors explore six terrifying attractions while locked inside cell blocks.

RHODE ISLAND: The Haunted Labyrinth in Cranston

Foto: A room in The Haunted LabyrinthsourceFacebook / Haunted Labyrinth

The longest-running indoor haunt in New England, The Haunted Labyrinth has been terrifying visitors for over 30 years. This year's theme is "the Lost Mine."

SOUTH CAROLINA: Kreepy Hollow in Bishopville

Foto: A character at Kreepy Hollow.sourceFacebook / Kreepy Hollow

Kreepy Hollow may be the scariest hayride of your life. Once visitors board the kreepers bus, there is no telling what frightening characters will pop out of the dark.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Fear Asylum Haunted House in Brookings

Foto: Characters from The Fear Asylum.sourceFacebook / Fear Asylum Haunted House

The Fear Asylum is set in a large mental institution and was named the largest budget haunt in South Dakota.

TENNESSEE: Fright Manor in Knoxville

Foto: Actors from Fright Manor.sourceFacebook / Frightmare Manor

Fright Manor is located on an abandoned plantation that used to belong to Jeremiah Lexer, a serial killer. If that wasn't scary enough, there are 100 actors that bring the plantation's terrifying history to life.

It was recently ranked the 6th scariest haunted house in America.

TEXAS: The Haunted Hotel in Beaumont

Foto: The Haunted Hotel.sourceFacebook / The Haunted Hotel - Texas

Guests to The Haunted Hotel must use their surroundings to find clues, codes, and keys in order to escape.

UTAH: Nightmare on 13th in Salt Lake City

Foto: Nightmare on 13th.sourceFacebook / Nightmare on 13th

When visiting Nightmare on 13th, guests better prepare for a lot of chainsaws, live actors, and creepy robots.

VERMONT: Nightmare Vermont in Essex Junction

Foto: A scene from Nightmare Vermont.sourceFacebook / Nightmare Vermont

Nightmare Vermont is part theater and part live stage combat. It cooks up a new theme every year, but this year, guests will be will locked up in a lab with bloodthirsty monsters. However, the real challenge is solving puzzles in order to escape before nerve gas is released in the lab.

VIRGINIA: Darkwood Manor in Luray

Foto: Actors in Darkwood Manor.sourceCourtesy of DarkWood Manor

Darkwood Manor boasts a frightening new storyline every year that's sure to keep visitors on their toes. This year, witches from all over the world descend on DarkWood Manor to fulfill the Crone Rule Prophesy...

WASHINGTON: Georgetown Morgue in Seattle

Foto: The outside of Georgetown Morgue.sourceFacebook / Georgetown Morgue Haunted House

Georgetown Morgue is said to have been the site of a tragedy in which nine employees were forced into the crematorium chamber and killed - a suspect was never identified. Guests, however, will be taken on a tour of body-strewn sewers as well as the quarters of two murderous janitors...

WEST VIRGINIA: West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville

Foto: West Virginia Penitentiary.sourceFacebook / West Virginia Penitentiary

This old penitentiary, which opened in 1863, has a bloody history - here, thousands of murderers and rapists spent their last days. Many were hung, several electrocuted, many more killed by fellow inmates. During Halloween, visitors are invited to tour cells, as well as a maze and dungeon.

WISCONSIN: Burial Chamber in Appleton

Foto: Burial Chamber is very scary.sourceFacebook / Burial Chamber

Burial Chamber is home to three large haunted houses, as well as four burial simulators where visitors can experience what it's like to get buried alive.

WYOMING: Nightmare on 17th street in Cheyenne

Foto: A scene from Nightmare on 17th street.sourceFacebook / Nightmare on 17th Street Haunted House

Nightmare on 17th Street has been scaring victims for over 25 years, and is located in a real-live haunted house that features 15 terrifying rooms.

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