Not letting the poor reception of 3D TV get to them, TV makers are still looking for ways to break your TV shows free from the oppressive confines of your TV’s borders.

Found by Patently Mobile on Monday, a patent filed by Samsung describes how lasers could be used to project a holographic image that floats in front of the screen, all without the goofy 3D glasses that most 3D TVs required you to wear.

The picture that immediately jumps to mind is the holograms in Star Wars, like Princess Leia’s holographic message stored in R2D2’s memory:

r2d2 hologram

Foto: source Star Wars/Disney

Instead of displaying 3D content that's designed to be watched with 3D glasses, Samsung's patent suggests that light will be shone through a "spatial light modulator" display to project the holographic image. An eye-tracker would seemingly sense your distance from the display so it knows exactly how far to project the holographic image from the display for the optimum depth of field.

As with any patent, Samsung's holographic TV patent only reveals that the company is looking into the tech, and there's no indication when "holographic TVs" would be released, if ever.