• Samsung posted a four-minute video of its Galaxy Fold smartphone on Sunday.
  • The video shows off the phone’s innovations and capabilities in the most detail yet, but is eerily silent.
  • Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold last week, but on Sunday was arguably upstaged by Huawei who unveiled its 5G foldable smartphone the Mate X.

Samsung released a four-minute video of its flagship folding smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, on Sunday, but the video is strangely quiet.

Samsung’s folding phone has been hotly anticipated, but when the company finally unveiled the phone last week, it notably did not let reviewers get hands-on with the device.

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Now, the company has released a four-minute video showing off the phone, including its ability to wirelessly charge other devices, the various colors it comes in, and of course its foldability.

But the video is strangely devoid of sound. Even when showing off the phone's video-chatting capabilities, you can't hear what anyone's saying.

You can watch the full Galaxy Fold video here:

There is a burst of sound towards the end of the video at 3:39, when the demonstrator plays a racing game on the Fold. Still, it's miles away from the slickly produced new Galaxy S10 adverts, featuring the song "Get Dat" from US singer Rayelle.

The Fold will launch in April and will cost just shy of $2,000. On Sunday, rival phone company Huawei - the second-biggest shipper of phones in the world - revealed its own folding 5G phone the Mate X at Mobile World Congress, in a move that was seen as upstaging Samsung, the number one phone manufacturer in the world.