Salma Hayek said she prefers not to use her social media to post negative comments about Mexico in an effort to “protect her country’s image.”

The “Frida” actress was asked why she doesn’t use her social media platforms to address the problems in Mexico during a press panel in Mexico City where she was promoting Netflix’s “Monarca,” a show she executive produced, according to the Associated Press.

Hayek said that a negative post would attract the kind of attention that would “affect us with tourism, with people who are trying to invest in Mexico.”

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She also added that since most of her followers don’t live in Mexico, she doesn’t think a post would “change things.” Hayek has 11.5 million followers on Instagram and more than 200,000 followers on Twitter.

Hayek, who recently celebrated her 53rd birthday with an amazing bikini picture, has used her celebrity to raise money after Mexico’s devastating earthquakes and has spoken out against President Donald Trump’s plans to build the wall.

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