Salesforce is giving one of its major products a big update.

The cloud software provider on Thursday announced that it’s overhauled Service Cloud, its customer service offering that helps businesses manage customer concerns.

Many of the updates are aimed at making Service Cloud more accessible to smaller companies. Such companies often have trouble managing customer service issues due to having small or overextended teams.

As part of the updates, for example, Salesforce is launching a new mobile app for Service Cloud that was designed with small business owners in mind. With the app, a business owner could respond to customer complaints from the comfort of her bed. Or a customer service agent could deal with a customer concern while watching his kids at soccer practice.

Service Cloud Mobile iOS case detail_bezel

Foto: The new Service Cloud smartphone app will let customer service agents respond to customer feedback regardless of where they are.sourceSalesforce

Another big update to the software is what Salesforce is calling its "Service Out-of-the-Box." The new feature is aimed at addressing the amount of time it takes to set up Service Cloud.

Previously, the set-up times for Service Cloud would vary greatly depending on companies' sizes and needs. Now, Salesforce says that companies of any size can get the service up and running in a single day.

Salesforce also reconfigured Service Cloud so that it works with its Lightning framework. Lightning is Salesforce's technology that helps users quickly design and build apps. As part of the Service Cloud overhaul, customer service agents will be able to set up the desktop interface they use by simply dragging and dropping tools from Salesforce's application store.

This desktop interface, known officially as the Lightning Service Console, includes several other updates:

    The dashboard is now designed to help customer service agents prioritize particular complaints and concerns. An updated search feature lets customer service representatives search records across Salesforce, as well as outside data sources like YouTube and Dropbox. Customer service agents can now build macros, which automatically perform multiple tasks at the click of a button. They can use these macros to automate customer service responses.

Salesforce has 150,000 customers, according to a company representative. The company doesn't break down how many customers subscribe to Service Cloud or any of its individual products.