• Russia has shelled the Ukrainian city of Kyiv for the first time since April 28. 
  • Moscow claims it fired missiles at a repair shop housing tanks Western allies.
  • Putin warned against the West supplying weapons, saying "objects that we haven't yet struck" would be bombed.

Russia has shelled the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv for the first time in over a month. 

Reuters reports that Moscow claims it hit a repair shop housing tanks sent from eastern Europe using long-range missiles.

Writing on Telegram, Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko wrote that there had been "several explosions" in the Darnytskyi ad Dniprovskyi regions of the city. 

The mayor added that no casualties have yet been reported, but one person has been hospitalized. 

Russia states that they were able to destroy Western-donated tanks in the attack, according to the Washington Post. Ukrainian sources have not confirmed the information. 


The strike has come as President Vladimir Putin warned against the West delivering and supplying long-range rocket systems to Ukraine, saying it would cause would prompt Moscow to attack "objects that we haven't yet struck," AP reports. 

Earlier this week, Germany announced it would be sending heavy weapons to Ukraine.

In a statement Tuesday night, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said: "Everyone at all levels must now be lobbyists for the supply of modern heavy weapons and modern artillery to our state. All those systems that can really speed up the victory of Ukraine."

Writing on Facebook, the Air Force Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces stated that Russia launched missiles toward Kyiv at roughly 6:00 am. 

The Ukrainian forces stated that they had destroyed one missile. 


It is the first strike on Kyiv since Russia fired missiles into the city while the head of the UN visited the city for a meeting with Zelenskyy on April 28. 

The main focus of Russia's attack continues to be in the eastern Ukraine, where Ukrainian forces continue to fight to regain cities captured by Moscow. 

On Saturday, Ukrainian forces said they had recaptured parts of the Eastern city of Severodonetsk. 

During an address by the governor of the Luhansk province, Sergiy Gaidai, he said he is waiting to have "enough Western long-range weapons," which he said will be used to "push their artillery away from our positions. And then, believe me, the Russian infantry, they will just run."

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