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Public Rec

  • Athleisure brand Public Rec makes some of the most comfortable and best-fitting pants out there — and they aren’t sweatpants.
  • Made from a blend of nylon and spandex, the Public Rec All Day Every Day Pants were designed to be better looking than sweatpants and more comfortable than jeans. 
  • When the pants first released back in 2015, they sold out immediately and created a 1,200-person waiting list. They’re back in stock now and available in nine colors to incorporate into your wardrobe. 
  • I’ve owned my pair for three years and still one of my personal favorite pants because they can go where typical sweatpants usually wouldn’t. From working out or running errands to going out in public, they’ve been extremely versatile.
  • Although $98 might seem like a lot, the All Day Every Day Pants’ durability and versatility make them well worth adding to your wardrobe. 

While dressing professionally for the office might be routine, it’s still only a part of your day-to-day life. 

When you’re not in work mode, comfort is probably the number one factor in deciding what to wear. For some people, a pair of lazy sweatpants is the default choice.

Sure, sweatpants are fine for sleeping in, lounging around the house, or even working out, but they aren’t exactly stylish.

For a day of running errands or a casual night out for drinks with friends, normal sweatpants definitely won't cut it. Thankfully, there's a solution — the Public Rec All Day Every Day Pant.

Known for its technical leisure apparel for men, Public Rec launched in 2015 after a widely successful Kickstarter campaign. With an original goal of raising $15,000, the company exceeded that by more than $160,000.

Using a blend of nylon and spandex, the All Day Every Day Pant is very soft, with the right amount of stretch, and a look suitable for wearing in public. Designed to be more stylish than sweatpants and more comfortable than jeans, the pants quickly sold out and even generated a 1,200-person long waiting list

Public Rec
Public Rec

They've since been made available again and now there are nine colors available — Navy, Black, Heather Charcoal, Khaki, Fog, Dark Olive, Stone Grey, Heather Navy, and Heather Burgundy. Other members of the Insider Reviews team have reviewed the All Day Every Day Pant in the past, but the company sent over one of the new colors for me to check out.

What they're like to wear (September 2017)

Public Rec already makes the best fitting T-shirt I've ever worn, so I was extremely excited to try out the All Day Every Day Pant.

I almost never wear sweatpants because I believe most options aren't fit for wearing in public, but the Public Rec All Day Every Day (ADED) Pant is an exception to that rule – the look of the pants is definitely my favorite thing about them.

While most other sweatpants come in sizes like small, medium, and large, the ADED Pant uses waist and inseam measurements, so you'll get a fit that's not baggy or sloppy. The waist also features a drawstring for added comfort and fit. 

Public Rec

Much like the Go-To Tee, the ADED Pant is super soft and stretchy. With the same attributes that made the T-shirt so great, the pants are amazing, too. The stretch allows for a full range of motion, unlike restrictive jeans.

While most sweatpants have shallow front pockets and maybe one rear pocket, the ADED Pant has two front pockets and two rear pockets — all of which are stretchy, allowing for ample space for your wallet, phone, keys, and other belongings.

Update after 3 years (September 2020)

It's not every day that I wear sweatpants in public, but the All Day Every Day Pant is still my favorite option when I do. With soft materials, the right amount of stretch, and a more personalized fit, they find the perfect balance between being comfortable and stylish. Simply put, you won't feel like you're underdressed while wearing them.

In addition to being attractive, the quality of the pants has really impressed me during my time owning them. It's been three years since I first reviewed the All Day Every Day Pant and they're pretty much identical to when I first got them. After countless washes and wears, normal cotton sweatpants would definitely be pilling by now, but my All Day Every Day Pant still looks new. 

The bottom line 

Wearing jeans or chinos every day is fine, but if you're looking for extra comfort without sacrificing your style, the Public Rec All Day Every Day Pant is the best option.

At $98, they are a bit more expensive than most sweatpants, but these also aren't your typical pair. They're versatile enough to wear to work during the week, on the weekends, and to the gym — and that's not something that can be said about most pants. 

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