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  • Netflix overhauled its groundbreaking culture memo, which was first made public in 2009.
  • The streamer detailed its philosophy on representation, artistic expression, and other issues.
  • Experts say the updates are progressive, but could also come in conflict with one another.

Netflix has overhauled its groundbreaking culture memo to address representation, artistic expression, and other issues. The revisions rolled out just days ahead of a companywide round of layoffs that affected 150 full-time employees and at least as many contractors

The changes, first reported in Variety, highlight some of the growing pains the company has experienced as it has transformed from a disruptive tech upstart to an entertainment powerhouse with more than 11,000 employees around the world.

The latest Netflix memo, titled “Netflix Culture — Seeking Excellence,” includes new policies that say “representation matters,” as does “artistic expression.” It speaks to a tension among companies at the intersection of tech and content creation that are trying to balance representation on and off screen with free speech.

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