• The NAACP calls for the removal of Cowboys for Trump cowboy from public office.
  • The organization cites Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin's involvement in the Capitol attack.
  • In March, Griffin was found guilty of a misdemeanor charge connected to the riot. He was sentenced in June. 

The NAACP is joining efforts in New Mexico to remove and ban Cowboys for Trump co-founder from holding future public office positions, according to The Associated Press.

The civil rights organization cites Otero County, New Mexico Commissioner Couy Griffin's connection to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, which the organization says he compared to the Black Lives Matter movement. In addition, he also refused to certify local primary election results, the outlet reported — citing court documents. 

"Lawful protests and demonstrations in support of civil rights and the Black Lives Matter movement are fundamentally different from the insurrectionist conduct that occurred on Jan. 6," the NAACP said, according to the AP. 

The civil rights organization filed the brief on Tuesday in an ongoing case against Griffin by three New Mexicans who argued in a June lawsuit that he should be removed from his post as an Otero County commissioner for participating in an insurrection against the United States — claiming his participation violates the 14th Amendment. 

In March, Griffin was found guilty of a misdemeanor charge stemming from the Capitol attack. In June, he was sentenced to 14 days behind bars and left with time served, according to CBS News. Griffin has signaled he does not plan to run for re-election. 

According to The AP, Griffin argued that the move to remove him would "set a dangerous precedent."

"If the plaintiffs prevail and a single judge subverts the will of the great people of Otero County, it will only be further proof of the tyranny we currently live under," Griffin told The AP on Friday. "There was already a recall effort waged against me after Jan. 6. In that recall effort the people of Otero County spoke and the recall failed."

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