• MTV‘s “Ghosted” host Travis Mills, who is currently helping people track down those who abruptly disappeared on them, told Insider he once ghosted someone too.
  • After a girl catfished him and wanted to marry him so that she could stay in the US, Mills suggested they get matching tattoos instead.
  • “And as soon as I got the tattoo, I left and two weeks later I covered it up and never talked to her again,” he said.
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MTV’s “Ghosted” host Travis Mills has a ghosting story of his own.

“I’ve never ghosted someone that I’ve been in a relationship with or anything like that,” Mills clarified before telling Insider that he once found himself ditching a girl who catfished him when he was 18 years old.

The musician said that the girl was from Canada and messaged him on social media. She made a joke about getting married so she could stay in the US, and Mills thought it’d be a good idea to fly to Vegas and help her out.

But when he got there, she didn’t look like her pictures.

“I was like, yo, let’s just get tattoos instead,” Mills said. “And as soon as I got the tattoo, I left and two weeks later I covered it up and never talked to her again.”

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Mills added that although he’s guilty of disappearing on someone, it was “never maliciously and never to the extent of a lot of these cases that you’re gonna see when you watch the show.”

Now, the 30-year-old is helping people who have been ghosted get some closure on MTV’s new “Catfish”-esque “Ghosted” series.

With his co-host, former “Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay, the two help people, who they call “the haunted,” track down friends or lovers who have abruptly disappeared from their lives, or “the ghost,” and have them confront each other about what happened.

The show has gotten mixed reviews since its premiere, with many viewers calling it “stalking.” Insider’s Julia Naftulin also spoke with a therapist about the effects that confronting someone who ghosted you may have – and the therapist doesn’t recommend it.

But Mills thinks that “Ghosted” provides the “right circumstances” to confront people.

“This is actually at a secured set, we have security there, we have a therapist there, and there’s resources for the haunted and the ghost, if necessary,” Mills said.

He added that he hopes viewers “see the effect of their actions and how it’s way easier to have a conversation then dragging it out for months or years not knowing what went wrong.”

MTV’s “Ghosted” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.