It takes a lot more than some hotshot computer programmers to run a successful tech company.

From marketing to business development, there’s a wide range of tasks that every tech company must be good at to succeed, and experts in some of these fields are in high demand at tech companies right now.

In fact, 43% of all open jobs at tech companies are currently for non-tech related positions, according to a report from career site Glassdoor.

Here are the 10 non-tech roles that tech companies want to hire the most right now.

10. Outside sales

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Someone working in outside sales will regularly meet with potential clients, and will focus on securing sales of the company's product.

9. Sales manager

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A sales manager will be in charge of a team of sales associates within a company.

8. Financial analyst

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A financial analyst focuses on advising businesses on where and how to invest, including through stocks and bonds.

7. Marketing manager

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A marketing manager will be in charge of marketing campaigns and brand imagery, among other marketing strategies.

6. Product marketing manager

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A product marketing manager is very similar to a marketing manager, and will lead the marketing surrounding a specific product.

5. Account manager

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An account manager will work in sales, maintain client relationships, and gather new clients.

4. Operations manager

Foto: sourceGlassdoor

The operations manager, is tasked with directing the operations within the company, hence the name. This means budgeting, logistics, managing resources, and other responsibilities.

3. Sales representative

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A sales representative will speak with prospective clients to show off the product for sale, in an effort to snag a new customer.

2. Project manager

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A project manager will be in charge of a team working on a specific project within the company.

1. Account executive

Foto: Edward Bernays applied the principles of propaganda to marketing.sourceBruce Henschel/Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND

An account executive is a position that requires a strong relationship with the client, and it's a job that involves working with both the advertising agency and the client itself. The account executive will be involved in some of the operations behind a marketing campaign, and will attempt to secure more clients as well.