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  • Shawnee Sande believes that anyone can monetize their skills in a metaverse.
  • She says you can be early by playing with the platforms, joining communities, and learning skills.
  • Some platforms offer free tutorials on building and creating NFTs for the metaverse.

2021 was the year that digital assets became mainstream, especially after Facebook announced its rebranding as Meta.

The total sales volume for nonfungible tokens in 2021 was more than $14 billion, about 40 times the volume in 2020, according to Properties in decentralized metaverses, a form of NFT, sold at ludicrous prices — one sold for $4.3 million in November.

The sudden surge of interest, the volume of projects, and the numerous platforms can be intimidating to newcomers or those who aren’t tech-savvy. Some critics say the metaverse is overhyped and full of regulatory loopholes.

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