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  • Mark Cuban has gone back and forth on crypto over the years, but now he’s a believer.
  • He recently shared his thoughts on the crypto winter on the AltCoin Daily YouTube channel.
  • Cuban said he invests in crypto projects that he would use, and named 6 altcoins he likes.

Mark Cuban and crypto have had an on-again, off-again relationship. 

In 2017 the billionaire called crypto a bubble, only to invest in a crypto fund a few months later. In 2019 he said he would rather have bananas than bitcoin, but earlier this year he noted that 80% of his non-Shark Tank investments are in crypto. 

Recently, the billionaire appeared on the popular YouTube channel Altcoin Daily to discuss the state of the crypto market, why he thinks crypto companies need to start focusing on revenues, and the 6 projects that he likes despite the crypto winter. 

Why Mark Cuban thinks crypto is down

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