• Vernie Dickens, 33, has been charged after shooting the owner of Draque's Barber Shop.
  • Dickens went to complain about his barber, got angry when he wasn't present, and shot the owner, Dráque Murff. 
  • Murff is now recovering, and said "it wasn't even a bad cut."

A man in Kansas City has shot a barber after allegedly being unhappy with his haircut. 

Court documents show that Vernie Dickens, 33, was charged with first-degree assault, unlawful weapon use, and two counts of armed criminal action in relation to a shooting outside Dráque's Barber Shop on June 2. 

Dickens is currently in custody at the Jackson County jail on a bond of $75,000. 

The Kansas City Star writes that police were called to the scene on June 2, where they found Dickens being sat on by a man so he could not flee the scene. Police were informed by witnesses that the gunshot victim had been taken to hospital. 

The local paper reports that witnesses overheard Dickens get angry about a haircut the day prior to the shooting, and had returned to the barber shop on June 2 to have it fixed. 

However, when he arrived at the shop to complain, the barber who cut his hair was absent, and he spoke to the store's owner, Dráque Murff, KCTV5 report.

Murff told him to take a seat, to which Dickens responded aggressively and began yelling, then fired two shots at Murff. 

Witnesses reported there were several children in the shop at the time, reported the Kansas City Star. 

Murff told the local outlet that he was running from Dickens when he was shot in the back and he fell trying to jump a fence. Dickens stood over him and went to shoot him a third time. Murff was only saved because the assailant's gun malfunctioned and a customer intervened. 

Murff feared Dickens was going to "execute" him he told investigators, reported the Kansas City Star. "It was a terrible situation, lying there with a gun to my head," Murff told KCTV5 . "I said one more prayer. He pulled the trigger and I just heard a click."

Murff is now recovering after one bullet passed inches from his spine and has started a fundraiser to "bring awareness to mental health issues, addiction, and gun violence." The proceeds are being donated to a non-profit organization for underprivileged children.

Speaking to KCTV5, Murff said, "It wasn't even a bad cut."

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