Four optimistic job applicants wait in the hallway of an office building to interview for a position.
In the post-pandemic labor market job seekers should do their due diligence on prospective employers.
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  • In the post-pandemic job market candidates have the upper hand when deciding where they work.
  • This leaves employers no choice but to put their best foot forward during job interviews.
  • Experts say these key questions can reveal if you've found the right fit.
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In the past, a job interview was an opportunity for candidates to sell themselves – to dazzle hiring managers with their preparedness, personality, and emotional intelligence.

But this summer, job seekers are the ones who need to be sold. As the pandemic loosens its grip and the US economy reopens, employers are scrambling to fill 9.3 million open positions, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Prospective employees have room to be choosy, and many are looking for more than just a paycheck or prestige, according to Debra Wheatman, the founder and president of Careers Done Write, a marketing and personal branding company. "Coming out of COVID, people feel differently about their priorities," she said.

Candidates want challenges and stimulation, of course, but they also, "seek balance and to work in an environment that's aligned with their values," she said.

How can you tell if the organization you've applied to is right for you? Insider spoke with six career coaches and experts about the questions you need to ask in your next interview.

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