• Kid Rock told Tucker Carlson that Trump asked his advice on foreign affairs and draft tweets.
  • The rock-country-rapper met the former president at a dinner he was invited to by Sarah Palin.
  • Rock expressed surprise he was asked, saying "I don't think I'm qualified!"

In an interview with Tucker Carlson that aired Monday, Kid Rock said that former President Donald Trump sought his advice on drafts of tweets and international policy while in office, saying Trump asked the singer "What do you think we should do about North Korea?"

"We were looking at maps and shit, and I'm like, you know, 'am I supposed to be, like, in on this shit?'" Rock, who met the former president through a meeting arranged by Sarah Palin, told Carlson. "Like I make dirty records sometimes. What the fuck am I doing here?"

"You didn't think you'd have a hand in this?" Carlson replied.

"Like, 'What do you think we think we should do about North Korea?'" Rock continued. "Like what? I don't think I'm qualified to answer this." 

The musician said he began regularly playing golf with the former president shortly after he took office and continues to talk to Trump about legislation and policy issues. 

Rock is one of a number of unusual advisors Trump sought council from while in office, including his son-in-law and two of his children.

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