• The Duchess of Cambridge prefers bacon on pizza than pepperoni because it’s less “spicy.”
  • Kate made the controversial remark while making pizza with some children in north London.
  • Many people have expressed shock at her comments.

The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed her pizza preference – and her thoughts have raised some eyebrows.

Kate Middleton said she prefers having bacon than pepperoni on her pizza because it’s less spicy than the traditional topping.

It’s not the idea of bacon being a delicious addition to the Italian staple that has got tongues wagging though, but rather the suggestion that pepperoni is too spicy.

The Duchess was visiting young pupils of St Jude and St Paul’s CE Primary School at King Henry’s Walk community garden in north London earlier this week when she made the startling statement.

Upon rolling out some pizza dough with the children, the mother to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis said that she thinks pizzas are "some of the best things to make."

"It's such fun, you can choose what you put on there, all the different toppings," she said.

The Duchess was, unsurprisingly, somewhat taken aback by 8-year-old Patrick's suggestion that "cheese and cucumber" would make for a good pizza, but the children were thrown by her topping preferences too.

kate pizza 3

Foto: Kate tries to convince the children bacon is a better pizza topping than pepperoni.sourceAP Images

"Does anyone ever put bacon on a pizza?" Kate asked. "Bacon's great."

The kids weren't impressed though.

"Do you not think that sounds good?" asked the Duchess, who celebrated her 37th birthday last week. "I quite like that actually."

She continued: "It's like having pepperoni but it's not as spicy. Very good."

One of the children also asked Kate whether the queen had ever had pizza - unfortunately, the Duchess didn't know but said she might ask next time she sees Her Majesty.

kate pizza 4

Foto: The Duchess of Cambridge has perplexed the public with her views on pepperoni.sourceAP Images

Many people have expressed confusion and shock at Kate's comments, seemingly unable to believe the Duchess could class pepperoni as spicy.

"I can't stop thinking about how Kate Middleton thinks pepperoni is 'spicy'," wrote one person on Twitter.

Another person suggested the news had "ruined" her afternoon.

"In what universe is pepperoni considered spicy?" asked another outraged Twitter user.

When it comes to pizza, people have strong feelings.