Jesse Eisenberg and Alexander Skarsgard are joining the Wall Street ranks.

Sort of.

This Fall the duo will start production for the upcoming film, “The Hummingbird Project” in which they will portray ambitious high-frequency traders, according to an article by Variety’s Dave McNary.

High-frequency trading, which uses complex algorithms to analyze multiple markets and execute orders based on market conditions, has been nothing if not controversial on the Street.

High-frequency traders have been vilified on Wall Street, and have been accused of using their speed to front run large orders from huge institutions like pension funds. They are the focus of the widely-acclaimed Michael Lewis’ book “Flash Boys,” which tells the true story of an upstart stock exchange that took on high-frequency trading.

The firms have responded by trying to demystify what they do, and to spell out the benefits they bring to markets.

According to McNary at Variety, Eisenberg and Skarsgards' characters are try to make millions by building a fiber optic cable between Kansas and New Jersey.

"This is a film that talks about caveats in our financial system, but at its core it is an adventure with heart and soul," director Nguyen told Variety.