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  • Just over three years ago, Blue Whale Capital launched with £25 million from legendary investor Peter Hargreaves.
  • The fund now has £700 million assets under management and has returned 75% to investors since inception.
  • The portfolio manager and co-founder, Stephen Yiu breaks down his strategy for success and his approach to stock picking.

Over the course of three and a half years, portfolio manager Stephen Yiu and four investment analysts transformed Blue Whale Capital from a start-up investment firm with £25 million assets under management to a major player in the UK market.

Blue Whale Capital is backed and co-founded by legendary investor Peter Hargreaves, who created the financial services company Hargreaves Lansdown. In 2017, Hargreaves handed Yiu £25 million to set up the new asset management firm.

Assets under management have since surged 2,700% from launch to £700 million, tripling over 2020 alone. 

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