McDonalds spicy chicken nuggets
McDonald's launched its spicy chicken McNuggets on Wednesday.
Irene Jiang/Business Insider

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Now onto the news of the week:

The McDonald’s Travis Scott meal is a success

travis scott mcdonald's
McDonald's partnered with Travis Scott.
Jerritt Clark, Courtesy of McDonald’s

McDonald’s partnership with rapper Travis Scott is a massive win for the chain. Even though the collaboration doesn’t include any new menu items, McDonald’s said it was facing item shortages due to the meal’s popularity.

McDonald’s also wants employees to learn Travis Scott catchphrases that customers will use to order the meal, such as “the Fornite guy burger” and “You know why I am here” (while playing Scott’ music).

With sales doing so well, McDonald's said that we can expect more celebrity partnerships from the chain in the future.

Amazon's explosive growth, charted

Amazon workforce
Business Insider

Amazon is hiring 133,000 new full-time and part-time employees in the US and Canada, in part driven by a pandemic-era boost in sales.

While this latest hiring spree is big, the largest confirmed workforce increase for the company occured between between 2016 and 2017. Áine and Hayley tracked Amazon's workforce growth via two charts, which highlight the chain's explosive growth.

Check out their analysis here.

Inside the lucrative world of drop shipping

Kamil Sattar headshot
Kamil Sattar is a dropshipper and e-commerce mentor.
Kamil Sattar

This week, Catherine dug into the lucrative world of drop shipping, a type of fulfillment method where the seller acts as an intermediary between the customer and the supplier and does not hold any inventory. She spoke to Kamil Sattar, a drop shipper that has already made $1.7 million in sales on Shopify this year.

He shared his top four tips for getting into the lucrative business in 2020.

Taste test: McDonald's spicy chicken McNuggets versus Wendy's classic spicy chicken nuggets

McDonalds spicy chicken nuggets
Wendy's spicy nuggets versus McDonald's new spicy nuggets.
Irene Jiang/Business Insider

McDonald's launched its spicy chicken McNuggets on Wednesday. Naturally, Irene had to see if the new menu item was a worthy challenger to spicy nuggets at Wendy's, which were brought back last year.

Her verdict? Wendy's is still the "reigning champion of spicy nuggets," beating out McDonald's when it comes to spice, flavor, and price.

Read the full spicy taste test here.

Everything else you need to know:

beyond meatball hero
Beyond Meat Introduces Beyond Meatballs, made from plant-based proteins, at grocery stores.
Beyond Meat, Inc.
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