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  • Tara Stilwell is a 30-year industry veteran who currently helps manage the $1.33 billion Hartford Global Impact fund.
  • The fund has ranked in the 95th percentile relative to peers over the past year, and is in the 93rd percentile over the prior three years.
  • Stilwell lays out four particular high-growth market areas that align with her firm’s impact-investing framework.

Driving change has been at the core of Tara Stilwell’s 30-year career leading asset management firms in a male-dominated industry. As the COVID-19 pandemic raged in 2020, it was a skill that proved to be very useful in addressing a new set of global needs, such as the rise of remote working, increased desire for digital banking, among others.

The Hartford Global Impact fund – which has $1.33 billion under management and focuses on stocks linked to addressing social and environmental challenges – has beaten 95% of its peers over the past year and 93% of them over the previous three. Its top holdings include Agilent Technologies Inc., Danaher Corp. and Schneider Electric SE as of May 31, 2021.

“We are not concessionary,” Stilwell told Insider in an interview. “We invest in companies whose core goods and services address large social and environmental challenges.”

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