• To stop a workout on your Apple Watch, you can use the automatic reminder your watch sends you, or go through the Workout app.
  • The Apple Watch is built to sense when you’ve stopped working out, and send you a reminder to end your workout session.
  • After stopping a workout, you can review the details of your exercise by scrolling with the Digital Crown.
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Apple has marketed its Apple Watch as a fitness device, and the Apple Watch’s Workout app is designed for just that purpose. The app can help you track a broad range of exercises, from walking and running to cycling, stair stepping, yoga, and more.

For some exercises (like running, walking, swimming, elliptical, and rowing), the Watch can automatically detect when you start, and will display a reminder for you to start tracking the workout.

Likewise, at the end of the workout, your Apple Watch tries to detect when you’re done, to suggest that you end the session.

If your Watch doesn’t display a reminder, you can do it manually.

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How to stop a workout on an Apple Watch

1. If your Apple Watch senses you've finished a workout, it will display a message asking if you want to end the session. If it does, tap "End Workout."

workout 1

Foto: If your Apple Watch senses your workout is over, it'll ask you to end the session.sourceDave Johnson/Business Insider

2. If you need to end the workout manually, start by opening the Workout app. It should already be on the screen, but if it's not, tap the Workout icon at the top of the watch face to open it.

workout 2

Foto: If you've switched to the watchface, you can get back to the still-running Workout app by tapping the Workout icon at the top of the screen.sourceDave Johnson/Business Insider

3. Swipe to the right. You should see the settings page for your current workout session.

4. Tap "End."

workout 3

Foto: Tap "End" when you're finished with the workout.sourceDave Johnson/Business Insider

5. After the workout is ended, you can review the details of your session by scrolling down the page with the Digital Crown. You'll see details specific to the type of workout you did, like distance traveled, steps taken, and calories burned.

workout 4

Foto: Use the Digital Crown to scroll through your recently completed workout.sourceDave Johnson/Business Insider

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