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  • Investors are nervous about the mix of slower growth, rising rates, and expensive stocks and bonds.
  • Nuveen is TIAA’s asset management unit and handles $1.2 trillion in wealth.
  • Nuveen’s global investment committee shows investors how to handle this complex environment.

Halloween is coming, but what really scares investors is the combination of slower economic growth, high prices, and higher interest rates.

Luckily, the global investment committee at Nuveen is teaching investors about what they should do in the face of those worrisome conditions. Nuveen is TIAA’s asset management unit, and handles $1.2 trillion in wealth.

The global investment committee includes Nuveen’s chief investment strategist, its head of equities and fixed income, and leaders from the fields of municipal bonds, private & public real assets, and real estate – and they conclude that it’s going to be a difficult period to get satisfactory returns on investments.

Premium content ophalen