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  • Morningstar Chief US Market Strategist Dave Sekera names 10 disruptive stocks he sees as inexpensive.
  • He also explains what he sees as the top technology themes that are worth investing in.
  • Sekera says it’s hard to find any real bargains in the stock market at this point.

If you think the stock market is starting to look like a picked-over store after all the good Black Friday deals are gone, you’re not alone. Dave Sekera, the chief US markets strategist for Morningstar, sees it too.

“When I look at the past 15 years, we’re in one of the lowest percentages of stocks that we think are undervalued,” he told Insider in an exclusive interview.

While valuation is important, Sekera is telling investors to look for opportunities to buy high quality companies, generally defined as companies with high and stable profits, steady earnings, and relatively little debt. He also recommends finding those with “economic moats,” or businesses that have big and durable advantages over their competition. And Sekera says that diversification is critical because bargains are so limited.

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