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  • While at Harvard Medical School, Lissy Hu saw a glaring problem in healthcare she could fix.
  • She created CarePort Health, a network that helps health professionals coordinate care, track, and manage patients.
  • In the last five years, her company has been acquired twice — by Allscripts in 2016 and WellSky in December, for $1.35 billion. 

Lissy Hu considers herself an accidental tech entrepreneur. 

She was attending Harvard Medical School, with the hope of becoming a doctor after graduation, when she saw a glaring problem in healthcare: Many patients need additional care after leaving the hospital, such as at-home services or stints at nursing homes. However, there was a disconnect between the parties trying to organize these efforts, leaving patients without a clear recovery plan. 

“I wanted to build technology that could address this because I had seen technology work in other areas of our daily life, like restaurants and hotels,” said Hu, founder and CEO of CarePort Health, a care coordination network that helps health professionals track and manage patients. “This was an area where technology could solve the problem.” 

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