This presidential election may have the most lopsided batch of newspaper endorsements the US has ever seen.

While Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has garnered the support of a long list of editorial boards, her Republican rival Donald Trump has only received 19.

The Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has received nine endorsements, and independent conservative candidate Evan McMullin has one.

Several editorial boards have even cautioned voters against putting Trump in office, and a number of conservative-leaning papers have said they too are “with her.”

Some of the papers, including The Desert Sun and The Houston Chronicle, rarely endorse Democrats – but 2016 is no regular election cycle.

A wave of endorsements came in after a lewd tape of Trump from 2005 leaked on October 7. And another series of non-endorsements followed the news on October 28 that the FBI was looking into more of Clinton’s emails that may be relevant to an investigation into her use of a private email server while Secretary of State.

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FBI Director James Comey told Congress November 6 that the review of new emails didn’t find reason for charges, however, and Clinton’s final endorsement tally crested 240 editorial boards.

On the eve of Election Day, here are all the daily newspapers with circulations over 20,000 that endorsed Clinton:

The New York Times: “Our endorsement is rooted in respect for her intellect, experience, toughness and courage over a career of almost continuous public service, often as the first or only woman in the arena.”

Foto: source REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Source: The New York Times

Los Angeles Times: “Perhaps her greatest strength is her pragmatism — her ability to build consensus and solve problems. As president, she would be flexible enough and experienced enough to cut across party lines and work productively with her political opponents.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton takes a selfie with supporters in Indiana. source Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Source: Los Angeles Times

The Washington Post: “Hillary Clinton has the potential to be an excellent president of the United States, and we endorse her without hesitation.”

Foto: source Justin Sullivan

Source: The Washington Post

The Baltimore Sun: “One candidate stands in the broad tradition of American leadership that has made this the greatest, most powerful and most prosperous nation in history. The other would have us trade that legacy for a cult of personality. The choice is clear.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton at her primary night speech in Brooklyn, New York. source Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Source: The Baltimore Sun

Houston Chronicle: “These are unsettling times that require a steady hand: That’s Hillary Clinton.”

Foto: source Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Source: Houston Chronicle

New York Daily News: “Heaven help America were, unthinkably, Clinton to fail. She is all that stands between the United States of America and never-before-seen proof that the Founding Fathers weren’t all that they’ve been cracked up to be.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton laughs onstage at a rally in North Carolina. source REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Source: New York Daily News

The Dallas Morning News: “We don’t come to this decision easily. This newspaper has not recommended a Democrat for the nation’s highest office since before World War II — if you’re counting, that’s more than 75 years and nearly 20 elections.”

Foto: source David Becker/Getty Images

Source: The Dallas Morning News

The Cincinnati Enquirer: “The Enquirer has supported Republicans for president for almost a century … But this is not a traditional race, and these are not traditional times. … We need a leader who will bring out the best in all Americans, not the worst.”

Foto: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton arrives at a rally at Adams City High School in Commerce City, Colorado, August 3, 2016. source AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Source: The Cincinnati Enquirer

The Arizona Republic: “This year is different. The 2016 Republican candidate is not conservative and he is not qualified. That’s why, for the first time in our history, The Arizona Republic will support a Democrat for president.

Foto: source Carlos Barria/Reuters

Source: The Arizona Republic

San Francisco Chronicle: “[This election] is a test of whether American voters have the wisdom to identify and dispel a demagogue with authoritarian instincts who is treating a run for the presidency as if it were a reality TV show where outlandishness is the coin of the realm.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton at the presidential debate September 26, 2016. source AP

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

The Berkshire Eagle: “Clinton actually offers policies, which don’t get the attention they should in an election campaign too often dominated by the latest Trump folly.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton hugs linen-room worker Brana Marancic during a campaign stop at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 18, 2016. source Reuters

Source: The Berkshire Eagle

Portland Press Herald: “Electing the first woman president would open millions of doors to millions of women and girls – not just a symbolic victory, but also an actual step forward in the centuries-long struggle for equal rights.”

Foto: source REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File Photo

Source: Portland Press Herald

Falls Church News-Press: “We are eager to see how the Clinton-Kaine team will continue the process of moving equality, justice and compassion forward as the cornerstones of our national interest and identity.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill, former president of the United States. source REUTERS/Adrees Latif

Source: Falls Church News-Press

Dallas Voice: “We still have battles to fight in the name of equality, from employment nondiscrimination to transgender rights. Hillary was a co-sponsor of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and she celebrates diversity. We stand with Hillary.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton appears with Kate McKinnon impersonating her on “Saturday Night Live.” source NBC

Source: Dallas Voice

Akron Beacon Journal: “Hillary Clinton is the change. … She knows her way around the partisan battles. The country doesn’t need a revolution. It isn’t a wreck. It requires the right brand of change.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton reacts to the cheers of the crowd at a reception for the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies in Washington on May 4, 2016. source Reuters/Jim Bourg

Source: Akron Beacon Journal

San Diego Union-Tribune: “This paper has not endorsed a Democrat for president in its 148-year history. But we endorse Clinton. She’s the safe choice for the US and for the world, for Democrats and Republicans alike.”

Foto: source REUTERS/Tami Chappell

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

Corpus Christi Caller-Times: “She is not, as has been sold, a mere lesser of two evils. Her experience and intellect would make her a standout in any group of candidates.”

Foto: source AP

Source: Corpus Christi Caller-Times

The Desert Sun: “Her efforts to help women, children and all Americans in a public life that ultimately took her on the global circuit as America’s spokeswoman make her the right choice to become our first female president.”

Foto: source AP

Source: The Desert Sun

Sacramento Bee: “It isn’t mere partisan hyperbole to say she is one of the most prepared candidates ever for the presidency. She can step in as commander in chief on Day One, which in this dangerous, complicated world is no small matter.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton celebrates with her daughter Chelsea after she wins the New York Senate seat in 2000. source Reuters

Source: Sacramento Bee

The Charlotte Observer: “The sum of Clinton’s flaws adds up to far less than the danger of Donald Trump. The Republican nominee is a man unfit for the presidency, and one who would steer our country toward peril.”

Foto: source Alex Wong/Getty Images

Source: The Charlotte Observer

Sun Sentinel: “Hillary’s toughness and clear-headedness are reasons some of America’s adversaries – Vladimir Putin, to name one – seem so eager to see Donald Trump in the White House. Hillary will look Putin in the eye and not blink.”

Foto: source Reuters

Source: Sun Sentinel

Chicago Sun-Times: “Allow us, as well, a special shout-out to those who understand what a danger Trump represents but are cool to Clinton: A vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, a man who could not even pass a basic world geography test, is not a principled protest gesture. It is a retreat to the sidelines.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama. source Reuters

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

The Spokesman-Review: “The breadth of experience – from White House, to US Senate, to secretary of state – is unrivaled. Her grasp of the issues is impressive. She is not a charismatic leader, but she is tough, focused and cool under pressure.”

Foto: source Reuters

Source: The Spokesman-Review

The Tampa Bay Times: “Hillary Clinton is the only candidate for president with the values, experience and knowledge to meet the challenges at home and abroad.”

Foto: source Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Source: The Tampa Bay Times

Birmingham News: “We’ve watched Clinton weather every challenge — public and personal — that’s faced her over the last 30 years and, unlike Donald Trump’s late night Twitter meltdowns, Clinton has consistently remained presidential in her response and demeanor.”

Foto: source Thomson Reuters

Source: Birmingham News

Cleveland Plain Dealer: “We say, quite simply, we agree with LeBron James’ choice of Hillary Clinton.”

Foto: source AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Columbus Dispatch: “The art of compromise, which once was respected by Republicans and Democrats in Congress, and which allowed for progress rather than gridlock, is one that Clinton understands and practices. She demonstrated that not only in the Senate, but as the nation’s chief diplomat.”

Foto: source Feng Li/Reuters

Source: Columbus Dispatch

Boston Globe: “After Clinton’s nearly 30 years in the national spotlight, voters know first-hand all of her foibles and flaws, all her strengths and beliefs. With a high degree of certainty, Americans can know that electing Clinton means picking a president who will work tirelessly to enact sensible gun control, protect the environment, keep America safe from terrorism, reform the immigration system, and grow the economy.”

Foto: source Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Source: Boston Globe

Asheville Citizen-Times: “Hillary Clinton, who perhaps is not the candidate most North Carolinians would like to bring along to a local craft brewery or a drum circle, is a deeply qualified, highly experienced and compassionate leader who will do the job well and serve the needs of our state far better than any of her fellow candidates.”

Foto: source Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

Source: Asheville Citizen-Times

Boulder Daily Camera: “Hillary is as qualified to be president as any candidate since John Quincy Adams. After 44 consecutive male presidents, it’s long past time for a woman to lead the United States.”

Foto: source AP Photo/Chuck Burton

Source: Boulder Daily Camera

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Where Clinton leads, Trump engages in narcissistic self-aggrandizement. Where Clinton exercises tough diplomacy, Trump tries to threaten and bully.”

Foto: source REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Denver Post: “Democrat Hillary Clinton, the first woman ever to win a major-party nomination, is without question the most qualified candidate in the race for president and an easy call to make when considering the challenges confronting the nation. Her nearly 40 years in public life have instilled in her the temperament she needs to face the many challenges that await.”

Foto: source REUTERS/Jim Young

Source: Denver Post

San Antonio Express-News: “Clinton is the only logical choice in this presidential election.”

Foto: source Thomson Reuters

Source: San Antonio Express-News

Seattle Times: “Clinton brings a superior understanding of America’s challenges, opportunities and its role in building prosperity and stability around the world.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton. source Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Source: Seattle Times

Bluefield Daily Telegraph: “Hillary Clinton has the credentials, political knowledge and battle-tested competence to deal with the consequential issues the nation will confront in the next four years.”

Foto: source AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Source: Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Kokomo Tribune: “Hillary Clinton’s economic strategy includes investing in roads and bridges, lowering college costs and student debt, raising the minimum wage, reducing the cost of health care and medicines, and reforming the federal tax code to close loopholes for the richest Americans and corporations.”

Foto: source Thomson Reuters

Source: Kokomo Tribune

Bangor Daily News: “The choice is between voting for someone committed to a life of public service who has the experience, the intelligence and the temperament to lead the nation versus someone who is committed only to himself, who lies constantly and who regularly displays a lack of self-control.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton speaks during her presidential town hall debate against Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump (not shown) at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., October 9, 2016. source REUTERS/Jim Young

Source: Bangor Daily News

Hartford Courant: “Mr. Trump, through his threats, mocking and willingness to insult women, Hispanics, African-Americans, Muslims, the disabled, people who are overweight and others, has turned this into a referendum on what kind of America we want to be: The kind where everyone is treated equally, or a nation that indulges hate, prejudice and fear?”

Foto: Hillary Clinton at a campaign event in Washington, D.C. source AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Source: Hartford Courant

Ventura County Star: “Trump’s treatment of women is abhorrent and long-standing. He is a misogynist and would carry that into the White House. Trump’s disdain for people who do not look like him, or who are not born in the United States, is antithetical to what this country stands for, and how we have been created.”

Foto: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at the first presidential debate September 26. source Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Source: Ventura County Star

Syracuse Post-Standard: “Of these four less-than-ideal candidates, the Syracuse Media Group editorial board endorses Clinton — for her knowledge, her experience, her empathy, her steadiness under fire and her willingness to reach across the aisle for bipartisan solutions to the complex problems we face.”

Foto: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton makes a campaign stop at a restaurant in Santa Barbara, California, United States June 4, 2016. source REUTERS/Mike Blake

Source: Syracuse Post-Standard

Commercial Appeal of Memphis: “Her broad and deep policy and political experience, at the state, national and international level and in the legislative and executive branches of government, prepares her for the presidency. Trump, by contrast, is ill-prepared and ill-suited for the job.”

Foto: Clinton, then a New York senator, talks to first responders at Ground Zero after the September 11th attacks. source Reuters

Source: Commercial Appeal

Fresno Bee: “We know what to expect from a Clinton presidency. She is not a charismatic, inspirational leader for everyone. But she is a hardworking, smart politician who with an even moderately cooperative Congress will make America a place of greater opportunity.”

Foto: source Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Source: Fresno Bee

Olympian in Washington: “This election needs to be over. Our country needs Hillary Clinton. It’s time.”

Foto: Clinton gives kids from Manhattan’s Colombia Grammar and Prep school a tour of her office on Capitol Hill in 2003. source Reuters

Source: Olympian

News & Observer in Raleigh: “Let’s stop pretending Donald Trump is a reasonable choice in this presidential election. … As a candidate, Clinton will not win by dividing and offering hollow promises of huge tax cuts and restoring some mythical former America. She will win on knowledge, competence and grit.”

Foto: source Reuters

Source: News & Observer

Niagara Gazette: “In this year’s presidential race, only one candidate has any idea what it means to serve something greater than self or the proven ability to do so, and that candidate is Hillary Clinton. … She is smart, diplomatic, poised and worldly. She has a clear-eyed take on the universe and her place in it. She is an adult.”

Foto: Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during an event in Chicago, Illinois June 11, 2014. source REUTERS/Jim Young

Source: Niagara Gazette

Mankato Free Press: “Chaotic times abroad and challenges to the civil order at home call for the next U.S. president to be an exceptional leader who can represent what America stands for around the world and bring us together as one nation indivisible. That leader is Hillary Clinton.”

Foto: source AP

Source: Mankato Free Press

The New London Day: “U.S. voters cannot afford to elect an inexperienced president or an irrational one, which defines the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. They need a realist, a seasoned and tested leader. This is why, given the available options, the best choice is clear — Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate.”

Foto: source Thomson Reuters

Source: The Day

The Hawk Eye: “Hillary Clinton should be — and we believe will be — the next president of the United States. It will be as historic an election — the first woman to be elected president — as it was in 2008 when Barack Obama became the first black American to win the presidency.”

Foto: source Reuters

Source: The Hawk Eye

Myrtle Beach Sun News: “Clinton is the better choice for president because of her knowledge and command of critical issues and policy, domestic and foreign, her experience and long service to people, and her temperament.”

Foto: source Thomson Reuters

Source: Myrtle Beach Sun News

Stockton Record: “This country is too great to elect such a non-qualified person as Trump as its president. Hillary Clinton is the only choice.”

Foto: source Aaron P. Bernstein/REUTERS

Source: Stockton Record

Plattsburgh Press Republican: “Clinton is a smart, strong woman who has the experience, wisdom, restraint and intricate knowledge needed to deal with war, terrorism, nuclear threats and the many other challenges America faces in dangerous times.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton. source AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Source: Plattsburgh Press Republican

Cumberland Times-News: “Clinton has substantial knowledge and experience regarding the type of matters a president must face. Trump does not. Clinton is accustomed to compromise and working with others. Trump gives orders and expects his minions to obey … or else.”

Foto: source REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

Source: Cumberland Times-News

Courier News: “By most measures, Clinton is the superior candidate. She has the essential qualities needed to move the country forward — experience, an encyclopedic knowledge of policy, an even-keeled temperament and a long, successful record of public service.”

Foto: source REUTERS/Jim Young

Source: Courier News

An identically-worded endorsement was also published in the The Asbury Park Press and The Daily Record.

Marin Independent Journal: “Hillary Clinton, alone, has the legislative, executive and diplomatic experience needed to lead our country.”

Foto: source REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Source: Marin Independent Journal

Salem News: “Where Trump is shallow and ignorant, Clinton is worldly, knowledgeable and skilled in the art of real politics, both domestic and foreign.”

Foto: source Thomson Reuters

Source: Salem News

Johnstown Tribune-Democrat: “Her lifetime of public service – including her years as First Lady, a U.S. senator and secretary of state – have prepared the Democratic nominee to handle the many challenges our nation will face in the coming years.”

Foto: source AP

Source: Johnstown Tribune-Democrat

Eagle-Tribune in Massachusetts: “Say what you will about Clinton, but she is tough, pragmatic, resilient and experienced. And unlike her opponent, Republican Donald Trump, she is not an embarrassing fool. You won’t find her tweeting at 3 a.m., four weeks before Election Day, about a former Miss Universe and her alleged sex tape.”

Foto: source Thomson Reuters

Source: Eagle-Tribune

Beckley Register-Herald: “Here is what is encouraging about a Clinton presidency: She commands a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience on issues, foreign and domestic. She is whip smart and outworked by few. No one studies policy as closely as she and she owns a reputation for successfully working across the aisle.”

Foto: source Thomson Reuters

Source: Beckley Register-Herald

Sunbury Daily Item: “The challenges the next president will face both here and world-wide require a cool head, a thick skin and a steady hand. Hillary Clinton has those qualities.”

Foto: source Thomson Reuters

Source: Sunbury Daily Item

Santa Cruz Sentinel: “She’s not just the better option — she’s the only option. With no coherent choice at all, it’s Hillary Clinton for president — or else.”

Foto: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. source REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel

Salt Lake Tribune: “The fact that she would be the first woman to hold that post is a bonus. It would be a signal to young women in this nation, and around the world, that the toughest glass ceiling there is has finally been shattered.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton and her vice presidential running mate Senator Tim Kaine celebrate among balloons after she accepted the nomination on the fourth and final night at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. July 28, 2016. source REUTERS/Jim Young

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

Tribune-Star in Indiana: “When it comes to fully formulated policies to better the lives of Americans, the gap between Clinton and Trump is Grand Canyon-sized.”

Foto: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton leaves Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015, at the conclusion of a campaign stop at the Westfair Amphitheater in Council Bluffs, Iowa. source AP Photo/Nati Harnik

Source: Tribune-Star

Joplin Globe in Missouri: “There are 50 former senior Republican national security officials, [Michael] Chertoff among them, who have signed a letter warning Trump would be a dangerous commander in chief. … When it comes to the future security of America — the most important issue of our time — Clinton is the candidate who makes the most sense.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton in China. source Jim Watson/Reuters

Source: Joplin Globe

Hackensack Record: “IT IS not about red states. Or blue states. It is about 50 states. The Union. Not a perfect nation. But a great nation. We have triumphs and failures, but central to our existence is the responsibility given to us by the Founders to elect our representatives in Congress and our chief executive. … The choice is clear: Hillary Clinton. She is qualified, prepared and capable.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton at a campaign event in Arizona during the 2016 Democratic presidential primary. source AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Source: The Record

Burlington Free Press: “Clinton’s experience is in the real world of governing, a world that requires patience, nuance and the willingness to do the hard work of mastering the facts.”

Foto: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton meets with local residents at the Jones St. Java House, Tuesday, April 14, 2015, in LeClaire, Iowa. source AP

Source: Burlington Free Press

Record-Eagle in Michigan: “Her years in the Senate prove her ability to gain bi-partisan support from lawmakers — two-thirds of bills she signed onto were supported by GOP co-sponsors. That’s significant given the political gridlock that often grips Washington.”

Foto: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (C) waves while taking part in the New York City Gay Pride parade with Governor Andrew Cuomo (L) and Mayor Bill de Blasio (background) in Manhattan, New York, U.S., June 26, 2016. Standing on the right is civil rights activist Al Sharpton and New York City’s First Lady Chirlane McCray. source REUTERS/Adrees Latif

Source: Record-Eagle

Courier-Post in New Jersey: “It’s not just that Trump would make a terrible president. It’s that Clinton has spent a lifetime thinking about how to make things better for everyone and fighting to make that happen, while Trump has never stopped focusing on a narrower set of obligations: to himself, his family, his companies and his celebrity status.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill. source AP

Source: Courier-Post

San Francisco Examiner: “Her leadership would ensure needed support for working families, and champion the rights of immigrants, women, minorities and children to lead lives of opportunity, inclusion and dignity in this country.”

Foto: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton smiles during a campaign stop at a community center in Compton, California, United States June 6, 2016. source REUTERS/Mike Blake

Source: San Francisco Examiner

Idaho Statesman: “Two people with strong, urban New York ties wouldn’t seem to bode well for understanding the needs of rural America. But during Clinton’s days in Arkansas, she developed a sensitivity and empathy for small towns and those living agrarian lifestyles. She reinvented herself and, more importantly, educated herself about the issues rural economies and workers face, and in doing so she is better prepared to understand many issues at the heart of our state.”

Foto: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton picks out fresh corn during a visit to Dimond Hill Farm in Hopkinton, New Hampshire July 28, 2015. source REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Source: Idaho Statesman

Charleston Gazette-Mail: “Thanks to her time spent in West Virginia, we believe she is more keenly aware that it is wrong to let some communities bear all the pain and costs of the changing economy, whether from the downturn of coal or globalization. If the nation must move away from fossil fuels and prevent pollution — and it must —then the nation can help regions where those changes for the common good wreak local harm. Clinton’s actions demonstrate that belief.”

Foto: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton poses for a picture while meeting people at Mapps Coffee in Minneapolis, Minnesota March 1, 2016. source REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Source: Charleston Gazette-Mail

Miami Herald: “Hillary Clinton is by far the best person in this race to lead us to a definition of which we can be proud. She will protect the best interests of this nation, its standing on the world stage and even democracy itself.”

Foto: source REUTERS/Mike Blake

Source: Miami Herald

Democrat and Chronicle: “In any other year, we would likely applaud those who are unhappy with the two major party candidates for expressing it on a third party line. But not this time. … We must elect Hillary Clinton, whose credentials are among the strongest of any presidential candidate in our nation’s history.”

Foto: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. source REUTERS/Jim Young

Source: Democrat and Chronicle

Orlando Sentinel: “Like her or not, Democrat Hillary Clinton is well qualified to be president. Republican Donald Trump is not. Whether it’s experience, knowledge, judgment or temperament, Clinton transcends Trump.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton speaks at the Democratic National Convention. source Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Source: Orlando Sentinel

The Kansas City Star: “She has been preparing for this moment much of her life, and she has the temperament and critical decision-making skills required for the most stressful job in the world. She has also demonstrated a deft touch on foreign policy, and President Obama would have been well-served to take her advice more often.”

Foto: Hillary Clinton. source REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Source: The Kansas City Star

We got tired of adding slides, so here are 77 more newspapers with circulations over 20,000 that endorsed Clinton, in a list, with links to their editorials:

Foto: Hillary Clinton smiles as she listens to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speak during the third presidential debate on October 19, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. source Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Lexington Herald-Leader The York Dispatch The Times-Picayune The Providence Journal The Des Moines Register Peoria Journal Star Omaha World-Herald The Herald Bulletin Longmont Times-Call The Modesto Bee Concord Monitor The Bulletin Foster’s Daily Democrat The Courier-Journal Wisconsin State Journal The News Leader The Columbian The Pantagraph Herald & Review Staten Island Advance The Post-Star The Register-Guard Kenosha News Billings Gazette LNP La Opinión El Diario La Prensa The Philadelphia Inquirer Newsday Poughkeepsie Journal

San Jose Mercury News Daily Herald The News Tribune Star Tribune Rockford Register Star The State Journal-Register Lincoln Journal Star News & Record Quad-City Times The Decatur Daily Cape Cod Times The Southern Illinoisan The Galveston County Daily News The Scranton Times-Tribune The Citizens’ Voice The Star-Ledger The Beaumont Enterprise The Cedar Rapids Gazette Honolulu Star-Advertiser The Bryan-College Station Eagle The Daily Press AM New York The San Luis Obispo Tribune Reno Gazette-Journal The Buffalo News The Flint Journal The Grand Rapids Press Philadelphia Daily News The Patriot Ledger Albany Times Union The State in Columbia, South Carolina Detroit Free Press Erie Times-News The Brockton Enterprise The Hour in Norwalk, Connecticut Connecticut Post The Schenectady Daily Gazette Tri-City Herald The Republican

The Vindicator Mail Tribune Watertown Daily Times The Herald The Monterey Herald The News Journal Observer-Reporter Ledger-Enquirer