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  • In his new book, Adam Seessel recommends investors view tech stocks through a value investing lens.
  • His book, “Where the Money Is,” has received widespread acclaim from investors like Bill Ackman.
  • Seessel also laid out why traditional accounting makes tech stocks seem more expensive than reality.

Thanks to their unrivaled market domination over the past two decades, technology firms have long been considered the darlings of the growth stock world. Indeed, four out of the top five largest companies by market capitalizationApple, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Amazon — all belong to this category of digital behemoths, with each commanding a consumer vertical in its own right.

That’s why the title of Adam Seessel’s new book, “Where the Money Is: Value Investing in the Digital Age,” may seem like a bit of an oxymoron — after all, how can you invest in value within the high-growth tech sector? But Seessel, who co-founded Gravity Capital Management, has devised a framework to adapt value investing principles for tech companies, and in the process has shed some new light on their valuations. The idea has struck a chord with readers — the book has already received widespread acclaim from renowned investors such as Bill Ackman, who said it was one of the best on investing he’s read in years.

According to Seessel, these value investing strategies are even more critical for investors to consider amid today’s macroeconomic backdrop marked by high market volatility and uncertainty as the US economy officially slumps into a technical recession.

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