• Elon Musk finally achieved Starship’s first successful flight to space early Thursday morning.
  • But despite achieving a major milestone for his company, the SpaceX CEO wasn’t seen at the launch.
  • Musk was seen in the launch control room at both previous launches, making his latest absence unusual.

Elon Musk was nowhere to be seen as SpaceX’s Starship mega-rocket finally flew into space, cruised above Earth, and plummeted back through the atmosphere on Thursday.

Starship ditches its booster and climbs toward space, unencumbered, finally, on March 14, 2024. Foto: SpaceX via X

Musk has been quite hands-on in the Starship-Super Heavy launch system’s development and testing process.

Elon Musk sat in the control room watching the first orbital launch of Starship, which exploded about four minutes after liftoff. Foto: SpaceX

He was in the control room for SpaceX’s first two attempts to launch the rocket to space last year, in April and November. He even brought his son, X Æ A-12, for the November attempt.

Kimbal Musk picks up a child as Elon Musk talks with people on SpaceX’s livestream of the Starship launch on X. Foto: SpaceX via X

On both of those previous test flights, Starship exploded in mid-air.

As Starship finally proved it could fly to the heavens, though, Musk was nowhere to be seen on SpaceX’s livestream of the flight, which periodically showed the control room.

Starship launches from SpaceX’s South Texas launchpad. Foto: SpaceX via X

According to a bot that famously tracks Musk’s private jet, the aircraft landed in New Jersey just hours before Starship launched.

Musk seemed to be watching closely though, as he posted about the flight live on X, the platform previously known as Twitter.

He posted a “Congratulations” to the team once Starship reached its orbital goal.

Musk has big ambitions for Starship. He hopes the mega-rocket will eventually fly people and cargo to Mars to build a human settlement there.

By all accounts, this successful launch was a dream come true for Musk. But apparently, it wasn't an achievement he wished to celebrate in the public eye.

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