• Elon Musk seemed less than impressed with Apple's WWDC presentation Monday.
  • He responded to posts on X about the new iPhone home screen and iPad Calculator app.
  • Musk has been taking jabs at Apple for the better part of a decade.

Elon Musk seemed slightly underwhelmed by a handful of updates Apple announced Monday during its WWDC presentation.

Early on in the event, YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee posted on X that the crowd cheered when Apple introduced an iPhone home screen revamp, allowing users to place app icons wherever they want.

The changes help make your iPhone wallpapers more visible, Apple said.

"Um ok," Musk retorted on X.

In addition to the ability to move app icons around, other changes coming to iOS 18 include a new look for icons in "dark mode" and the ability to adjust their tints.

Elsewhere during the presentation, Musk shared a laughing emoji in response to a meme joking that anticipation around the event wasn't squaring up with some of the more minor changes unveiled — namely, the new iPad Calculator app.

Viewers were clamoring for ambitious AI updates, according to the meme — which, to be fair, Apple did go on to deliver.

The native iPad Calculator, which Musk appeared to laugh at, goes beyond a scaled-up version of the existing one for iPhones.

A new Math Notes feature enables users to write down math problems with the Apple Pencil that the Calculator can solve — with the answer appearing in the same handwriting.

Neither Musk nor Apple immediately responded to requests for comment from Business Insider.

But perhaps the criticism shouldn't come as a surprise.

Musk has been taking jabs at Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook, for the better part of a decade — and in 2022, accused the hardware giant of market monopolization and opposing free speech.

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