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  • Staking is a way for crypto investors to earn passive income in addition to their token price gains.
  • Allnodes’ Tally Greenberg shares why now is the time to stake amid higher inflation and volatility.
  • She also shares 5 altcoins with some of the highest annual percentage yields and the risks involved.

Staking – the act of “locking up” a portion of your crypto for a period of time to help validate transactions on a proof-of-stake blockchain in exchange for rewards – is angling to become the next retail-friendly investing trend.

Crypto exchange Coinbase, which still derives the lion’s share of its revenues from trading, is ramping up its staking capabilities in preparation for ethereum 2.0, chief operating officer Emilie Choi said at the recent Mainnet 2021 conference.

“We are super bullish on ETH 2.0, we are super bullish on staking being a very big part of the next frontier for crypto,” she said, “and that’s why we’re spending so much time and resource on it.”

Premium content ophalen