• Donald Trump spent his day off from court at a supporters’ dinner at Mar-a-Lago, Axios reported.
  • The former president hosted fans who’d bought NFTs from his “Mugshot Edition” collection.
  • Footage from the event showed Trump claiming that Joe Biden “has no idea” what crypto is.

Donald Trump appears to have spent much of his day off from the ongoing Stormy Daniels hush-money trial talking up crypto, attacking Joe Biden’s digital asset policies, and dining with fans who spent thousands of dollars on NFTs of his mugshot.

Axios reported on Wednesday that Trump was planning to host a dinner for supporters that evening at Mar-a-Lago.

Guests eligible for the event had bought at least 47 NFTs from the "Mugshot Edition" collection, according to a copy of an invitation reviewed by the outlet. The mugshot NFTs cost $99 apiece.

Crypto influencer Frank Degods posted video of the event on Wednesday night that showed Trump pledging to accept crypto donations and criticizing the Biden administration's record in regulating the asset class.

In one post on X, the former president is seen saying: "Can we donate to the Trump campaign using crypto? I believe the answer is yes."

"If you ask Biden 'Sir, are you for or against crypto?'… he'd say 'get me off the stage', he has no idea," he tells supporters in another clip. Trump added that Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Gary "Gensler is very much against it, the Democrats are very much against it."

"And I'm fine with it," Trump added. "I want to make sure it's good and solid and everything else, but I'm good with it … if you're in favor of crypto, you'd better vote for Trump."

Gensler, who has run the SEC since 2021, has taken a hawkish stance on crypto, filing lawsuits against top trading firms, exchanges, and brokerages.

On Wednesday, Biden said he would veto a bill aimed at striking down an SEC resolution offering accounting guidance for cryptocurrencies.

Trump appears to have U-turned on crypto during the 2024 election cycle given he called large-cap token bitcoin "a scam against the dollar" back in 2021.