• Dawn Walker flew to England over the weekend after seeing the film “Yesterday” and falling in love with the seaside village where most of the movie is set.
  • The 50-year-old Seattle, Washington, woman tweeted about her impromptu trip, attracting the attention of screenwriter Richard Curtis’ partner.
  • Curtis has since invited Walker to have tea with him at his home on Thursday.
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An American woman who flew to England just days after falling in love with the movie “Yesterday” is now set to meet the film’s screenwriter for tea.

Dawn Walker told MailOnline that she saw the Beatles-inspired film with her husband last week and was wowed by the seaside village where most of the movie is set.

With her 50th birthday coming up, the Seattle, Washington, mother-of-two decided to use her perks as an Alaska Airlines employee to get a standby ticket to London on Saturday.

She said the idea for the trip came as she was listening to the Dixie Chicks at work.

“There’s a line about ‘buying a ticket to anywhere’ in the song ‘Ready to Run’ and I just thought, ‘Where can I buy a ticket too?'” she told MailOnline.

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After touching down in the UK, Walker reportedly caught a National Express bus to the town of Gorleston, a 3.5-hour drive northeast of London.

She’s staying at the Pier Hotel where the film’s main character performs Beatles hits in front of a large audience near the end of the movie.

richard curtis emma freud

Foto: Richard Curtis and Emma Freud are seen during the UK premiere of “Yesterday” in June.sourceIan West/PA Images via Getty Images

Emma Freud, partner of the film’s screenwriter Richard Curtis, saw Walker’s tweet about her impromptu trip.

On Wednesday, Freud asked Walker if she was interested in having tea with Curtis at the couple’s home. Walker agreed, and they are set to meet on Thursday night.

“Can’t wait to meet @emmafreud and Richard Curtis tonight. I’m having THE BEST BIRTHDAY week in my entire life! All because of a @dixiechicks song and an amazing movie, @yesterdaymovie and the awesome time I’m having at The Pier Hotel!” Walker tweeted Thursday.