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  • Robert Materazzi heads up Lukka, a crypto data and software specialist.
  • He said he is closely watching 7 altcoins right now, including ether, solana, and cardano’s ada token.
  • Materazzi shared the crypto investing tips he gave his parents and relatives.

Robert Materazzi remembers the moment last fall when he realized traditional investors were starting to put their money into cryptocurrencies.

“I always joke around that when my mom bought crypto I knew it had hit the mainstream,” he told Insider. “Now, both my parents and all my relatives own it.”

Materazzi is the chief executive of Lukka, a data and software provider that works with over 200 crypto funds, as well as S&P Dow Jones, Deloitte, and Third Point. He joined in 2018 from the accountancy firm PwC.

“It was probably a little bit uncomfortable at first, but I mean that in a good way,” Materazzi said, when asked about his move from a traditional financial institution to a start-up. “There’s so much uncertainty, but it’s very rewarding to be part of an organization that’s growing as rapidly as Lukka is.”

Lukka helps traditional financiers and native firms to accurately price and report their crypto holdings. That means they support over 9,000 crypto assets – including a significant number of surging altcoins.

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