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  • Tony Greer, an ex-Goldman commodities trader, runs the independent research firm TG Macro.
  • Greer lays out what he saw as the 5 sentimental tops of bitcoin when it first broke above $60,000.
  • He also breaks down how far the cryptocurrency has to fall for him to get interested in buying.

Over the past year, speculators have flocked into the crypto market where riches are quickly made and lost.

Many traders who are sick of competing with the algorithms of high-frequency trading firms in traditional markets are lured by the abundant opportunities to exploit the inefficiencies in the crypto space. But Tony Greer has been happy to remain a spectator.

However, the ex-Goldman Sachs trader, who had a front-row seat to the boom and bust of the dot-com bubble, couldn’t help pointing out the “five sentimental tops” that he saw in bitcoin (BTC) when the cryptocurrency first broke above $60,000.

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