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  • Bitcoin has gained popularity as the Federal Reserve has significantly increased the money supply.
  • Ethereum is set up for a “perfect Goldilocks launch,” said the founder and CEO of Celsius Network.
  • But altcoins, including surging Solana, are “extremely risky” and could crash.

COVID-19 disrupted everyday life, popularized the phrase “social distancing,” and changed the course of history. Inadvertently, it also played a critical role in meme stocks going as mainstream as masks, as well as introducing many investors to cryptocurrencies.

Emergency pandemic-era policies taken by the government to save the economy, including stimulus checks for most Americans and rock-bottom interest rates that spur spending, have buoyed stocks and fueled rapid corporate earnings growth.

But a growing number of skeptics don’t view a spend-happy Congress and a Federal Reserve pushing ultra-accommodative policy as heroes. Instead, many see them as villains whose efforts may backfire and cripple the dollar’s value while inflation runs rampant.

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