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  • Peter Joosten is a professional biohacker who blogs about tech to upgrade the human body.
  • He has a microchip in his hand with his contact information and soon will get a credit-card chip.
  • This is his story and his concern about the ethics and misuse of biohacking, as told to Elle Hardy.

In 2012, I was working in consulting and wanted to start a sports blog. There were enough blogs about watching sports, so I became really interested in things like smart watches and how they can help athletes improve.

After about three years, my blog gained traction and I started getting questions from healthcare organizations about what patients can do with data and what wearables are useful in managing health.

In time, I was lucky enough to turn my hobby into my work. I give a lot of webinars and keynotes to businesses and governments on human augmentation – how we can use science and technology to not only measure but upgrade the human body.

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