• These miniature tools that look like flat irons can help you avoid stale snacks by using heat to seal opened packages.
  • There are a variety of listings for different models of these colorful handheld devices on Amazon and their prices range from $7.99 to $10.99.
  • Most models seem to take less than a minute to preheat and they can help seal all sorts of packages, from candy wrappers to chip bags.
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Sometimes clips and rubber bands just don’t cut it when it comes to keeping food fresh. If you find that to be the case, one of these miniature tools could be your next great purchase.

Handheld bag sealers, which often look like a flat iron or crimper you might use on your hair, use a bit of heat to help prevent snacks from getting stale shortly after you open them.

You can pick up miniature bag sealers from a variety of sellers, and they seem pretty easy to use

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Foto: They get plugged into an outlet.sourceAmazon/Karidge

First reported on by Delish, handheld bag sealers are actually listed by a few different sellers on Amazon, with prices for different models ranging from $7.99 to $10.99.

According to the various listings, these devices are typically less than 1-foot long. And, like the popular hair-styling tools they resemble, they seem pretty simple to use.

Generally, it seems like you just plug the iron in, wait about 40 to 60 seconds for it to preheat and clamp it down for 1/2 a second to 4 seconds to reseal the snack package of your choice.

The tools, which come in a variety of colors and models, are said to be travel-friendly and effective at keeping snacks fresh

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Foto: The tools are typically under 1 foot long.sourceAmazon/KUMAL

A variety of sellers on Amazon sell different models of these handheld tools and they come in a bunch of trendy pastel colors, such as orange, pink, yellow, purple, and mint green.

snack flat iron

Foto: They can be used to seal up chip bags, candy wrappers, and more.sourceAmazon/KUIENSI

Throughout the listings on these products, customers have widely praised the sealing tools for their compact size that makes them ideal for travel and for small kitchens.

Some shoppers wrote that they were particularly impressed with the tools' ability to keep their snacks fresh and are pleased that they no longer waste food nearly as often since the sealer stops their chips from going stale so quickly.

This isn't the only style of bag sealer on the market that uses heat

Fortunately for those who want to keep their food fresh but aren't sure if pastel, flat-iron-looking tools are their thing, bag sealers seem to be pretty popular on Amazon.

Other handheld sealing devices include models like the iTouchless Handheld Heat Bag Sealer and the ColorGo Sealer, which both cost around $15.

There are also larger, more industrial ones like the LinsnField Sealer Pro, which runs for about $40 and is listed as being "heavy duty."