• The website Luxury Travel Advisor recently named Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara in Abu Dhabi the world’s most Instagrammable hotel for 2019.
  • Beating out dozens of other impressive hotels in a bracket-style voting contest, the resort got its title based on votes from readers of Luxury Travel Advisor.
  • Located in a remote desert, Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara is surrounded by sand and unique views.
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Many people turn to Instagram to find travel destinations that’ll help ensure their future trip results in a stunning social-media feed. And if you’re looking for your next photo-worthy spot, you may want to head to Abu Dhabi.

For 2019, the website Luxury Travel Advisor named Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara the most Instagrammable hotel in the world.

Starting in 2018, the website has been naming the world’s most Instagrammable hotel each year. Using reader votes and competition brackets that resemble something from an NBA playoff, the publication’s winner was chosen out of dozens of hotels.

And it’s not exactly hard to see why Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort was picked – this mind-blowing property rests in Abu Dhabi’s Liwa Desert in the Rub’al Khali, or Empty Quarter, which is the largest uninterrupted stretch of sand desert in the world.

Here’s a look at this desert resort that’s known for its Instagram-worthy aesthetic.

The bridge entrance to the resort seems to resemble a castle.

Foto: The bridge entrance to the resort.sourceCourtesy of Anantara Photo Selects

The resort certainly aims for photo-worthy, stunning locations – this bridge looks like it is fit for royalty with its castle-like tops and lantern-lit sides.

The five-star hotel itself is accessible by car or by helicopter.

Even the main reception area of the hotel has impressive designs.

Foto: The hotel’s main reception area.sourceCourtesy of Anantara Photo Selects

The reception area features simple designs in calming, neutral colors. Plus, its giant, elegant chandelier looks magical.

And the hotel’s lobby has large windows with desert views.

Foto: The hotel’s lobby.sourceCourtesy of Anantara Photo Selects

The hotel’s lobby features large windows and soft, sand-like colors.

You can even enjoy the views from the hotel’s restaurants.

Foto: There are beautiful views from parts of the hotel.sourceCourtesy of Anantara Photo Selects

With its desert views, Suhail, the hotel’s rooftop eatery, seems like a big draw for those looking for their next place to visit.

The hotel has multiple restaurants offering Mediterranean dishes, BBQ meals, and other fares. It also has a book-in-advance dining experience that allows you to enjoy a sunset dinner while surrounded by sand dunes. The experience includes a private butler.

The rooms in the resort are also quite photogenic.

Foto: The rooms feature calming colors.sourceCourtesy of Anantara Photo Selects

The name Qasr Al Sarab roughly translates to “the Mirage Palace,” meaning desert fortresses from the area likely inspired the look and feel of the property.

And it shows – the guest rooms (like the twin-bed deluxe one pictured above) and villas have sandy, earthy color palettes.

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara has 206 rooms, with some of them holding up to six people.

At the time of publication, rates start at $354 per night for the hotel’s most affordable offering, the deluxe garden room, meant for two adults and one child. The most expensive room is $1,225 per night and it’s the royal pavilion plunge villa for two that has a private plunge pool and terrace overlooking the desert.

With its big windows and impressive terraces, the resort really seems to embrace the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Foto: The Deluxe Terrace Room.sourceCourtesy of Anantara Photo Selects

And, as the resort’s general manager Adrian Stoppe told INSIDER, the hotel is designed to help guests feel “a million miles away from the fast pace of city life.”

Plus, just about all guest rooms and villas come with patio doors that let you enjoy the Instagram-worthy desert landscape, even from your bed.

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The hotel also has a freeform pool that can be used as an epic photo backdrop.

Foto: The hotel’s pool at night.sourceCourtesy of Anantara Photo Selects

The uniquely shaped pool is surrounded by trees and is lit up at night. And if this body of water isn’t enough, guests can also rent private, plunge-pool villas that overlook the desert.

The resort also offers other outdoor activities including camel treks, desert walks, archery, and horse rides.

It’s impossible to pick one place in this resort that is the most Instagrammable, but it’s likely where guests can capture stunning desert sunsets.

Foto: The sunsets are impressive.sourceCourtesy of Anantara Photo Selects

But perhaps the biggest draw of the resort is its location in the remote Liwa Desert, which is especially beautiful as the sun sets. Stoppe said that guests typically flock to the resort’s Suhail Terrace or Sunset Lounge to capture these sunset desert views.